September Bees

Upon noticing that the bees seem to be extra busy in September, the remember the bees motto was born. I am happy to say that I plan the yard here as a chemical-free sanctuary for beneficial insects including bees. It is a great thing to go out regardless of the time of day and see them buzzing about, hundreds of them! It is rewarding to see even a small patch of healthy nature-doing what it is supposed to do. Keep in mind the essential role played by bees and other pollinators. The native bees seem to prefer the sunflowers and the honeybees (not native) seem to prefer others such as Salvia, Caryopteris etc., They may be picky about flowers, but we aren’t picky about bees. The above photo is an example of at least one type of ornamental plant-Stonecrop, or Sedum, (a drought-tolerant plant also), that both honeybees and native bees visit regularly. It is rewarding to see all of them swarming around it. The photo shown is a honeybee. The native bees that favor this plant are very tiny, too hard to see here. No matter; they’re all welcome here!

You might enjoy making a beneficial insect sanctuary in your yard as I have. Salvia, Russian sage, Caryopteris, butterfly bush, Agastache, are a few plants that they tend to favor and will swarm them.There are ample options of plants that attract them.

Have a good one.


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Sampled Products

You’ll have to excuse the fuzzy photos taken with my stoneage camera ha ha, but I’m always ready to share and review a product aligned to the philosophy here. This tissue company is not only tree free, but also helps to ensure equal rights for women, being a women owned company. I hope they get rich! I’m glad to help them do so. They’re doing a good thing for humanity and the planet. After all, true abundance is not at the expense of another and doesn’t take away from others, but adds to, helping other lives/beings to thrive also. Diversity. I love finding creative, smaller, independent businesses like this, so I’m always eager to share when I do

Also, as promised, I said that I am wanting to reduce the amount of plastic that I use; here are some plastic free kitchen bags; they’re made of plants! While they are a bit more expensive and not as strong as plastic, to me that is worth it, living lightly.

Reducing plastic and sustainable paper. Bamboo is awesome! it grows right back.
Feel it with me! It feels good and right for a reason.


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