Unity Reading



All who have my second book, (Life Is Conscious,) everyone be sure to read the last chapter (Return to the Hearth) through the month of December, particularly the very last section, which is actually a short story (The Stranger and the Newspaper.) There is power in unity.

Inviting all to join, a handful of people throughout the world-reading, making a difference, unified during this month.

On this white and green Friday twenty-ninth of November, 2019 enjoy the snow!

Thank you for reading, and Happy Holidays

Thought of the Month

A most frequently asked simple question, with a simple answer:

“So why are you vegetarian?”

A starch-based diet is less expensive; it is better for human health, the environment and obviously better for the animals. We veg folks also have fewer dental problems. So why not be vegetarian, or at least eat much less meat? Now that, my friends is the question to ask.


Along with that, here’s a joke for ye.
Question: “How do you know if someone is vegan?”
Answer: “They’ll ******* tell you!”

Goes both ways. 🙂 We feel grand; we become excited, and we want to invite you to also. Who can argue with that?
Happy Friday to ya.