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After the time span written in my memoir, The Wellness Diaries 2001-2011, many things happened. I was trying to do a lot at one time from any combination of bus, bike and boots. There was joy, pleasure, fun and relaxation. There was also pain, hardship, stress and fear too. It all added up to part of my experience, part of the journey. The whole picture will be shared in upcoming writing projects.

For now though, a brief update seems to fit: After realizing the impact of the ten year detour that my life took due to the mental illness, I have major plans. 🙂 I am looking forward to getting caught up after being virtually behind in experience for my age. Initially, it would be easy to get upset, and I could say that ten years of my life were wasted due to mental illness. I know better than to use such language. So please watch your damn mouth when around me. 😉

Having recovered though, but knowing how to watch and take care of myself, I do know myself and my limits. Just as a person with Diabetes who, through taking excellent care of themselves, is able to go off of their insulin with doctor’s consent, they would know to not jump head long into eating three doughnuts and a milk shake a day.

I simply see all of my experiences, the joy the pain, as part of the journey. Coming real though; I still have a lot to learn. I’m not my age in some ways; I am not almost forty. There’s no way! As far as experience goes, I really do seem more like someone who is in their twenties. Common things like jobs, schooling, social experiences, traveling, etc, the things that most folks were able to do at ages 23-28. For my age, I have less experience than average in all of these ways. As experience goes, I would fit more with the average person who is in their twenties, than someone in their late thirties… Still, it is what it is. For example, at age twenty-five, when most people are in the middle of college, and/or nearly ready to graduate, I was in the midst of the battle with Schizophrenia. Most people who are almost forty are well established in their lives, either in career, relationships, family, or any combination of all three. I look forward to finally being able to establish these things. School, work, life, loved ones-regular things, the things that people do. They are the same things that I am just now having a fair chance to start working on them…See this??? And I am looking forward to it!

“It’s life John. Activity is available.”
-Jennifer Connelly, in the film, A Beautiful Mind.

I have learned throughout this journey just how much there is out there!! Yes, I managed to cram a lot into this time. The detour that my life took due to the side swipe of mental illness took a total of fourteen years! It’s been quite the ride. Perhaps some people who know me would disagree here, but emotionally, I feel that I am actually age seventeen. Feel free to laugh; it’s okay. I have to laugh about it sometimes too. I have a lot to learn yet; but I feel like my experience has added wisdom, knowledge about life, people, animals, and the earth. These combinations, and ways that I have started to learn them are just the things that are not taught in school. Maybe this is because only experience can teach them. Oh yes, these are handy to have as a teen. The journey has seemed like a journey through humanity, a look from the beginning, our origins. I have developed an ability to look at the overall picture.

Having said that though, I am a reasonably well-behaved teen. It is what it is. I strive to live by sound rules, and I do my best with the set of circumstances that landed in my life, the big collapse of things. One takes the sad times, moves on, even the joy, takes it with them, and moves on. One cannot dwell for too long on the hard times.

I look forward to starting my plans with the fair chance that I now have, applying wisdom, cycles and order toward my goals and everything involved therein. I definitely have my work cut out for me.

These days, I don’t really use the term botanist. This was fitting for the time when I was so enthusiastically studying plants in depth on my own. It is still fitting in the sense that I see things from the beginning lens of creation/life that was here first. This lens will always be part of me. Before people, there were animals. Before animals, there were plants, trees, lichens, mosses, ferns, lush vegetation… You get the point. During this time of enthusiasm was when I was pushing Botanist on a Bike, the small, indoor plant maintenance business with an eco-touch. This title fit nicely while writing some pertinent books. Always, I’m a plant, animal and earth guy, always interested in the natural world-since I was a kid. I think that we are all plant people, and some just may not know it yet. Everyone knows there is nothing quite like growing your own tomatoes, and eating them at a party with your friends in the salsa that you made fresh from everything in your garden! I know enough about plants to know how much I don’t know. It has been amazing to see another side of things and see how much my coworkers at the nursery know! They can tell people all the flowers that bloom throughout the summer and into the fall, which plants blossom the longest. I have learned to appreciate others’ knowledge, and their contribution to the world and the earth as their own knowledge, abilities are applied. I still love going to the mountains and feeling confident to pick a Service berry, Thimble berry, or an occasional Eleagnus fruit, or even a leaf and feel comfy in which plants I can safely eat as I walk. I thoroughly enjoy my experience with plants and being able to view life from this lens, the studying on my own that I have done, and the botany classes have both been rewarding. As plants go, I know them fairly well, and I just love them. They are now part of me. (After eleven years, I should hope so.)

I now have a car! After three and a half years of bus, bike and boots, it was time. I felt ready. I regret nothing about those years of learning to pack lightly, keep my wits about me, watching the weather, my own legs are the vehicle to take me there, awareness of the amount of energy expended, when to conserve, when to splurge, etc. It was an education in and of itself and nothing is wasted. This part of my journey almost felt like something of another time and place. However, it was time for some safety, security, not being so exposed to everything/everyone including the elements. All is part of the journey. My car is an old school ’97 with no A/C and I’ve had fun with that thing! I strive to be mindful about my driving as much as possible while working, and I look forward to a time coming very soon when I don’t have to drive quite so much. However, it has been a refreshing and welcome lesson in applying balance. It is a counter balance to my taking bus, bike and boots for three and a half years. I have learned other things being in my car, and it has given me some security and shelter from the loud noises in the city. As a veg, I like to think that it will all balance out as I do this amount of driving for a short time while making it count as I am rearranging many things in my life.

I still don’t take medication, preferring the natural approach that I have worked very hard to discover, learn, and apply it for myself. It hasn’t been easy, but very worth it. The extremely hard work has paid off. It works very well for me.

Last but not least. Three years of hardship, and high levels of stress have lead to anger issues and brain chemistry, which very closely resembles PTSD. I am actively working on these, and I feel confident and optimistic about where I am going with them. I don’t call it an illness though… It is not. I watch my language…It is hygiene… I know myself. I know my limits. There is a lot to positive, determining-self-talk and language.

There you have it. Thank you to all of my readers throughout the globe!! I thank you a hundred times over for your support, good wishes and positive energy. Truly. Feel the love from here my friends.

I am now here. I am Owen Staples. There is work to do. There are loopholes. They exist in society, religion, even in the family unit. Early on in my life while setting out to just do what people do, I found them by accident. Just trying to do what people do did not work for me… There’s my first lesson… I have some things to say about my experiences, whether writer or not. I am here to tell it how it is, how it was and also how it can be. Tell on I will until I am done… Namaste.


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Always a Journey…


Individuals are where they are on their journey. There is no need to compartmentalize, judge, place boundaries and lines, as it is a journey for each. Always remember also, that everyone will likely take a journey at some point in their life.

One part of the WD/LIC philosophy is choosing to see the brighter side of things, and training one’s mind to do this more often. This also means working to make the bright side a bit brighter. This is no easy task and it takes a lot of practice, trial and error, but it can be done and is being done.

I have learned the hard way: Being on a journey doesn’t mean invalidating others on their own journey; and either deliberately or inadvertently clobbering another with the optimism or high vibe club-a virtual vibe snob. Glad to share what I know, having learned the hard way here, through the school of hard knocks, trial and error. This is indeed a thin line, because people who are on a productive, happy path are climbing. Their vibes are up; they are thoroughly enjoying their learning and growth while on their path.

Meanwhile, another person, say, a coworker or sibling is not quite ready for their major growth spurt, and/or climbing phase. So, instantly there is a vibe collision. Merely being in the presence of one another; things won’t mix very well with these two parties. This has to be understood, but more importantly, it must be understood that neither are in the wrong… Further, neither are in the right to place blame. It is simply a matter of instant opposites, regarding where each is on their journey; it is a combination that doesn’t readily mix such as oil and water. So, the most obvious, is to not force the mixture! Wherever possible, as much as possible, the one who is on the growth spurt and climbing phase must be allowed to do so. The one who is not quite ready, don’t try to test your strength at this time, compete, keep up, or prove anything. Know that your time is coming. Be where you are. Stand where you are.

People must be on the same page here exercising patience, compassion and respect where each is on their journey, coupled with the understanding that everything is a choice; but that there is wisdom, cycles, order and timing in everything. It is a difficult thing to see when one is in a place of maintenance, just “getting by at this time,” knowing that their turn is coming soon, to see that this is the one who is often clobbered by the ones who are excited about their path. “Smack! I’m so optimistic. I don’t need to wallow in that squire anymore with these folks.” Remember that haughtiness, arrogance goes both ways, from up to down, from down to up. Those in the up have responsibility and so do those in the down. Things will balance out and reach the middle, but everyone has a part to play while it does.

People are where they are. Remember to respect the time and season of another on their own journey.

Now, in fairness, both places are valid. This is why things can become tricky because where the exuberant one is coming from, yes, mingling with people who are still negative and not quite ready to journey too much, for too long can easily cost them their vibes and can cause them to backslide on their path. This is why one of the first things to understand is that oil and water just don’t mix and there should be as little mixing of these as possible with respect and politeness on and from both sides.

Having said that though, this does not mean that one is wrong and another right, and so resist the urge to clobber, or be high and mighty. One doesn’t say to the Spruce sapling after planting it in the ground, “just grow damnit!”
One begins their path when they do. There simply is no forcing it.

The natural, whole path is all about wisdom, order, timing and cycles. Each person will have their turn to grow and blossom. Those who are starting the path, yes, be careful about mixing with negativity, but don’t become high and mighty about it either. Chances are, just a few weeks, months, years prior, you were not at your best, when climbing and growing seemed out of the question.

This takes much practice, patience, trial and error. It goes both ways, to and from both sides, where all have a part to play. We can avoid many conflicts and much tension if we people, from individuals to communities to societies simply let go of the need to compartmentalize, draw lines, place two-hundred in the good box, to then place fifty in the bad box. These days are gone my friends.

Major conflicts can arise and definitely have arisen throughout history from our need to control, define what may need no definition, place lines, and compartmentalize. Wellness is about the individual, throughout the many aspects of spirit, mind and body. It should come as no surprise then, that spiritual health, mental health, and physical health are all parts connected to the whole of well-being. The state of each always influences the others. Balance.

One term fairly common in mental health language, is hyper-religiosity. Balance varies per individual according to needs. This may seem complicated, but actually the truth is simple. Keep balanced. Don’t hurt others. Spiritual health, mental health, physical health. Try to work on each and aim for balance.

Remember some of the key rules:

1. No one can dispute the reality of another, so don’t try.
2. Do no harm to others. You cannot inflict harm, or pain on another either emotionally or physically without them feeling the need to retaliate. In the words of the Dalai Lama, “help people where you can, and if you are unable to help them, at least don’t hurt them.”
3. People are where they are on their journey. And it is okay where each is on their journey. Respect timing, order and cycles and the natural flow.
4. When dealing with others, put respect, politeness, kindness at the forefront, not sarcasm, rudeness, teasing and cynicism.

Always be kind and patient to yourself and others as you journey. We have all been through some things. We are all learning to get along, because we are all practicing and growing in new ways. So most of all, enjoy the journey!

Thank you for reading.

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Mental Health Taught as Hygiene


Physical health education has come a long way in understanding some of the sound guidelines that are part of what constitute a state of well-being. These include guidelines in nutrition, exercise and sleep. Dr. McDougall, author of The Starch Solution, and founder of McDougall wellness clinic, has said that Type II Diabetes is one-hundred percent preventable.” Now that this is becoming common knowledge, it goes to show just how far physical health education has come.

I submit that the next part of health education needs to emphasize mental health, and just why, and how it applies to everyone. Just as the food you eat, the quality of sleep you receive, to brushing your teeth and washing your hands, a basic understanding of mental health is something that everyone should know and/or and start to learn. I hope to see the day when employers are offered major incentives for providing regular mental health courses, with strong emphasis on wellness. That is, the wholeness of health and well-being, (spirit, mind and body.) Participants could take home study guides, video/audio and can practice what they learn, as well as practice some while in class. This would help reduce work place stress, resulting in fewer sick days. It would boost morale, improve productivity and attitude. Can you imagine if the day was seen that most companies were involved in these programs with incentives? Mental health would be taught just like washing your hands and sanitation is now. An effective, well-designed mental health and wellness course would even help to reduce crime, addiction and similar issues in the areas where these courses were given regularly.

I would also like to see the day when basic mental health education with specifically addressed relevant topics is taught as part of the curriculum of public schools.

I would also love to see the day when “take a mental health day” is common language, even encouraged in the work place in all industries. (This is catching on, and there are a few employers that I have heard of that use this term.) It is a good thing to see! Progress is being made.

Mental Health is just barely beginning to be understood and realized just how far and wide it reaches. The fact that it is as much of an essential part of health for individuals to societies as diet, exercise, sanitation, should make it a priority for everyone. There is work to do, but we are doing it!

It would also be great to see the day that there is coverage for everyone in mental health. Mental health should not cost the earth. Should soap? Should toothpaste?

There are a few places to start the learning of mental health. May I suggest something that just might surprise you… It is Buddhism. Yes, Buddhism. The beauty of Buddhism is that it is a lesson through mental health without even once uttering the term. It is learning to purify the mind, shed the ego, cultivating goodness, while doing no evil. Sound like a huge task? Not really. Buddhism is profoundly simple and most of all, you can stay put where you are religiously/spiritually, and still study and apply precepts of Buddhism into your life. Yes, whether spiritual, religious, neither, and/or atheist, you can benefit from some concepts of Buddhism. May I encourage you to look at Buddhism yourself.

Join a study course, chant with the monks. Feel the peaceful vibration as you do.

The other recommendation is to actively start to study mental health-positive outlooks, finding the bright side, choosing it, and also knowing some basic vocabulary is going to work wonders for you in your family, job, relationships and life. It doesn’t take hours of in depth study to get down some basics. We are all still practicing, so exercise patience and compassion as we all do.

Psychology offers clues. What if common terms found in mental health and psychology, the positives and the negatives were taught and applied in society? I submit that it would work wonders. This would alleviate many communication problems, misunderstandings, conflicts that are so prevalent today. The more that mental health is taught, applied, and shown just how it so drastically affects others as well as ourselves can be understood, the more our world, and health care crisis will heal.

Here are two things to consider:

Emotional validation: Life is hard. It can be very stressful. Sometimes a person just needs to be validated. That is, not disagreed or argued with, not given a mouthful of teeth worth of advice, not even merely listened to, but a simple, sincere: “Wow. I can only imagine what you are going through right now.” Or, “yeah, that is definitely frustrating.” Emotional validation. That person to feel understood, supported, and they feel listened to. We all need this at times, and so it is a give and take-cooperation. When that person gets it off their chest, and feels validated and supported, usually the complaining, venting or frustration naturally subsides.

Passive-aggressive communication and/or behavior: There are many forms of passive-aggressive communication in daily life that are common. Not only is it negative, but it does not effectively communicate. Sarcasm is one form of passive-aggressive communication.

Mental health is huge. Its affects are far reaching and never forget that it applies to everyone, whether diagnosed with an illness or not.

Thank you for reading.


Mental Illness and Jobs


When going through diagnosis, meds and recovery from mental illness, jobs can be a dreaded word. There is hope though. It is possible for people with brain disorders, (mental illness) to still be successful, hold jobs, have relationships, and be happy. Remember that a person is not their illness. Instead, they are a person who happens to suffer from Bipolar disorder, depression, Schizophrenia, PTSD, etc. However, as far as employment, understanding is key for both employees and employers. It is a thin line, but with honest communication fitted to the setting, cooperation and success can be achieved.

As mentioned in my memoir The Wellness Diaries, during a highly stressful time in 2006, I took some leave from my job at that time. I was taking prescribed anti-psychotic medication at the time for Paranoid Schizophrenia, had the first job which I had managed to retain for a record breaking two years at the time and I couldn’t afford to lose it.

What was the answer? Upfront, direct, honest communication. I went to see my HR, asking what types of crisis leave was available through that company. This was new to me. Ha! All of it was surely new to me, but especially getting the guts to ask an employer such a question. I will never forget the HR’s response.

In plain speech, the exact words of the HR were: “What happened man!?” I explained briefly. To this day, I am touched by his further response: “Yes, we can give you leave. {hardware store} wants to see you through this, and we’ll pay you too.” No questions asked. I was granted leave with most of my full time pay.

It was amazing. I was able to receive a little more than half of my salary as I took three weeks of leave to just process and heal from the whiplash situation as explained in the book.

The main thing to understand is just how taken care of I felt by my employer at that time. I felt valued. Since I did, it went both ways. I felt like I wanted to make it count, since they were willing to do so much for me. I wanted to work hard and give it my best when I returned. I took the time to heal, process and get back on my feet. It was much needed time and I am forever grateful to the HR and the company for being generous in that way. I stayed at that company for seven years total, and I am glad I did. I had many positive experiences and examples of how employers and employees can meet half way about mental illness issues. I feel that I gave years of dedicated service, being the first job that I had proven to myself that I could hold for that long, it was just the confidence boost that I needed.

It has been my experience that if employers can see that one is really working on their disorder, trying to be fair and not take advantage, they are open, they care, and they help out.

Currently, my two employers exercise a great deal of patience and flexibility with me, as I balance things out, having recovered, but having experienced a very stressful three years as I get back into a rhythm. I am very grateful. There are many positive things throughout all parts of society taking place like this, people wanting to help those affected by disorders as much as possible. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

Some of the disorders that most directly influence employment, such as PTSD, Major Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and Schizoaffective Disorder may present an extra difficult situation as far as employment is concerned. For some, it just may be that it is best to work in jobs where there is minimal traffic with the public. Some of us are true introverts. Each individual will have to decide their options in this way. Let’s face it, some of us with disorders can be moody folk. (Please know that I say this with love and respect, and one who has been through all of these things.) Moods can fluctuate often and this is often compounded with a personality that is largely introverted to begin with. People with disorders, are often the artistic, creative types. This is because we filter information and experiences through emotion and passion, feeling our way through first and foremost. Whereas, those largely scientific types filter information differently, and not with emotion. They are less susceptible to brain disorders, (just heart disease;) These are often the hard driving, type A personality, who would also benefit greatly from a starch-based diet. These types’ learning style is different also. These are simply different personality types, but the differences must be understood and respected. It is my opinion that these differences have more to do with personality itself type, whether illness is present or not.

There is a story that I heard recently, which always softens, of a post war soldier who suffered from PTSD experienced triggers while in his apartment. The triggers were severe enough that the man put holes in the walls of his apartment. When the symptoms subsided, the apartment was basically down to the 2 x 4’s… Expecting the worst from the landlords, he was surprised when they told him that it is on them, provided that he get some help with PTSD.

Throughout all aspects of living-relationships, housing, jobs, etc., there are answers. There are options. There are ways to cooperate and meet half way. It takes education, understanding, breaking down the stereotypes and stigmas about mental illness. There is work to be done. However, it is always nice to see so much progress taking place. Thank you to everyone that is on board here. I have a lot to say about these and many things. They are all coming up in the future projects.

Communicate. Come real. Come as you are. Allow yourself some trial and error as part of your learning. Respect the natural flow.

Thank you for reading and educating yourself. This is part of the journey.


Generational and Individual


Have you ever considered that each generation might have a set of “issues” common to that generation? Well, I think you will agree. One of the most obvious examples is those who grew up during the 1930’s during the great depression. Well, how many other people do you know of who will reuse a string of dental floss at least three times before finally throwing it away?? It is what it is. Be nice everyone. 🙂 Where would we be without our parents and grandparents? Still though, yes, it is what it is. It is some people of this same generation who may have a closet full of burlap fabric, “just in case” or literally, a closet full of string or yarn in case it is needed someday. These sweet folks, ( parents and grandparents) are 80+ years old, but are always saving for “just in case that someday finally happens.”

Now, in fairness, most people can only imagine just what it was like growing up during the great depression. Those were some hard times. Conserve and keep it bear minimum lean was just what you did then, cause there wasn’t anything extra! Sure, this is understandable. Still though, the yarn, dental floss, and closet full of chewing gum, (because it wasn’t available during the war) this is more than just quirky grandparents and “just how they are.” These are generational issues talking-hands down. Each generation has their share, just as each individual does. Again, it is nothing to be ashamed of. The thing is, how many of these people from this generation accept this for one, two, are even aware of it, and three are seeking help? Very few. Fortunately, this generation seems to roll with most things fairly well. Back in those days the answer was to mask it, work harder and it will go away… It is time to evolve now.

This generation is often heard saying things like: “I’m not about to pay four dollars a pound for Asaparagus! When I was young…” Fair enough, 4.00 a pound may be outrageous for Asparagus. However, there is a point of balance, and a point where both parties can meet half way. On one side, for the one from this era, occasionally splurge! The keyword is occasionally. Show your kids and grand kids that they’re worth it to you, that you love them, and occasionally allow yourself to buy that Asparagus or expensive salsa for them that you’re not about to pay four dollars a pound for it. Ironically, they will appreciate it more, and even realize just how ridiculous the price really is. Two opposites meet half way. Both learn something.

Mental health is part of overall health. This needs to be understood to the fullest. Mental health exercises, language and ways should simply be learned and taught as daily, weekly monthly maintenance and hygiene, hand washing, flossing and taking the dumpster out to the street weekly. Remember that mental health applies to everyone whether diagnosed with a mental illness or not. Unchecked mental health can become a mental illness. It applies to everyone and affects every part of society. There is a lot of work to do. This is why I have written that I would like to see employers offered incentives for holding regular trainings and practice sessions on mental health. There needs to be a common ground in this say in every part of society, a common understanding, setup and agreement. Health care practitioners, lawmakers, officers, and surely common folk have a part to play.

Thank you for reading, and practicing your hygiene. Watch the dental floss!


It is What it is, just How It Was


About my first book, The Wellness Diaries, I have heard a few people say that it’s very sad.

Well, true…It spans about a ten year period from 2001-2011. I told it just how it happened in that time frame. It describes my days of diagnosis and battle with Paranoid Schizophrenia, which is no joke by itself. I first started typing the rough draft in May of 2010. The months before that though, when considering starting a book, I was toying with the title “Diaries of The Schizophrenic Vegan, “similar to the title from the days of the SGV blog, for those who were with me then.) Maybe that one is even more catchy…However, I decided that I didn’t like this title. I didn’t like what it affirmed to me and my outcome for the illness. Maybe I would not have been able to fully recover, had I kept that title. For the longest time, until very recently, I absolutely refused to use the term Schizophrenia. It was virtually a taboo swear word of the worst kind to me. I did not like what it affirmed. Now, it is far enough behind me that I am confident enough to use the word as needed.

Early on in the journey, while unsure of all the details, I had decided that while I had a lot of growing to fit, and things to learn, I discovered an invaluable recipe that I knew was working wonders for me, which had great potential for others also. The Wellness Diaries is a fitting title of my overall outlook for the well-being of myself, others, the direction that mental health is going, and even a positive outlook for the healing of the earth. Is there work to be done? …Holy smokes…. You have no idea…

However, we are doing it! It is happening, and there is progress being made.

Yes, the book introduces a new standard using guidelines such as a starch-based diet, sound sleep in duration and quality, sufficient outside time, a slightly different approach for exercise and activity, and time spent in nature, etc. While I feel that these are sound guidelines for everyone, it is very likely that these guidelines will be especially effective for people who suffer from biological brain disorders (mental illness).

The book is of course a memoir, and it ends on a positive note about my own life, and hints toward the reason I feel optimistic about mental health for the future. But yes, any journey through Paranoid Schizophrenia, over a ten year period, told just how it is, is no cake walk. Indeed, the first part of the book is sad.

I just felt that I should zoom in on some details there.

Thank you for reading. Keep up the good work everyone!

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My first book, The Wellness Diaries


Come Real with it, so We Can Deal with it…


This string of posts will probably be called “the real chapter,” keepin’ it real. Everyone has been through hard times, experienced emotional pain, and have seen some things. This has caused issues. Everyone has issues to some extent. Since it’s part of the human experience, there is nothing to hide. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Are you with me? Choose that until you believe it…

It has been part of previous generations habits to attempt to deny emotional issues. This just makes it worse. It’s time to take a look at things. Regarding mental health, I say it’s time for a change in the view of it. It seems that common language regarding mental health implies that mental illness is something that is to be eradicated, as one would eradicate Staff infection, Strep bacteria, or Measles. Mental illness is different in this way. Mental illness is simply (for whichever reason,) chemical imbalances in the brain, or dysfunctional thinking caused from painful experiences, and/or negative thinking. This may seem complex, and in some ways it is. However, there is a simpler way of looking at it.

We don’t all have Strep throat, or measles. We do all have the same brain chemicals. Unlike the Strep bacteria that is found on many surfaces in our daily lives, but it may not always mean full out Strep throat to everyone, we have the same brain chemicals. With brain chemistry and mental illness, there is no bacteria to spray with Lysol, (toxic) or counter tops to scrub with a disinfectant…We all have Serotonin, Dopamine and stress chemicals. We have all had different, unique experiences/combinations of joy, and pleasure, fear and pain. But the chemical response that takes place in the brain due to these emotions is the same. That is, person A’s brain will respond the same way to emotional pain as person B. As far as brain chemistry, these two people will also respond the same way to joy and pleasure. Dopamine and serotonin are two major components here. I recommend the book: Emotional First-Aid by Guy Winch, PhD, for insight into this.

These experiences and our perceptions of them exist on a broad spectrum, but each of these emotions have “left their mark” in our thinking and our overall experience. Mental health takes practice, and much trial and error and always kindness and patience to oneself as one progresses and learns.

Chemistry works the same, but the outcome can vary greatly from person to person, (all apologies for the confusion there.) We have all had painful experiences, stress, things that make us angry or upset, things that we fear. Different people will show this in different ways. It’s how we manage these that makes a difference. As you can imagine, the possibilities and combinations here cover a wide range. Mental illness can be tricky because it is so thoroughly influenced by a variety of factors throughout spirit, mind and body of a variety of personalities. At the same time though, mental health influences overall health. Mental health goes both ways.

Thank you for reading.


Ute Mountain Tribe, non-GMO corn!

Hi Everyone!

Wanted to share this site that I found. Two bags of this corn was given to me and I love it! I have ordered more. Not only are these NON-GMO corn products, but an environmentally sound cause, and they taste good too! I’m SO all about this. I love it. I love the concept. I love anything that is Native American. I have used the white and blue corn meal. I use it for porridge, and some of the mixes I pack with me for the day. They can be used to make corn tortillas, corn bread, and can be used with any number of Mexican dishes. Be sure to check it out!

Also, be sure to check my Eco-garden page! I have added some updates.


Non-GMO corn products