Say No to Fear-Porn; Turn Off Mainstream Media!

I think many would agree that mainstream media is part of today’s problem. There is plenty of fear-porn (fear- heroin) out there with a lot more on the way. You certainly won’t need to go looking for it. We are plastered with it at every turn. Instead, you can stop buying it; it’s addictive, and it’s a poison just like the many others out there. I stopped subscribing to and watching mainstream news more than ten years ago.

Here are some independent alternatives that I have found. One is news from the perspective of our country’s history and although it may not be entirely unbiased, the details of accurately told history are helpful when learning how we got here and drawing modern parallels: Letters from An American

The other is unbiased (as much as possible) facts without all the fluff, (be sure to watch the introductory video) and as this person puts it, without the “divisive sensationalism”. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Notice that journalism is no longer merely reporting the facts to let the public form their own views. This is what it should be. Now it has an agenda and sadly has become just that, divisive sensationalism.

You can read on your own time and form your own conclusions; now that is healthy. You may not agree with everything said, (Shoot, I don’t agree with everything of these two that I recommend, and that is okay). It is okay to disagree.

I’ve said it many times, “if fear is what sells, it’s time to stop buying it.”

Enjoy your learning and updates without all the fluff.