Why Unplug?



If you have read my 7 step guide and particularly my first book, The Wellness Diaries, you will know about unplugged time. Computers, particularly the internet is a useful tool to help you in life, but it is not life.

Computers are a huge part of all that we do. But we can make the distinction that they are not life. Nothing can replace the real life, hands on interaction, between people, animals, etc. Taking regular time off from the computer and all digital devices allows one to do just that and to remember just how great it is to just be. That is, to not feel as though one must always fidget; often the habit becomes one of fidgeting with a gadget whether it is a cell phone and texting, Ipad, tablet, etc.

Overuse of what I refer to as “the gadgets” undermines the healthy, conscious life we are striving for here. When one can look up virtually anything at the touch of a button, and when this is done very often, it is easy for our brain to get into the habit that life is online. Notice the big difference. Anything to do with life can be found online instantly and yet looking at that computer screen is not life…

Unplugged time is the regular reduction of time spent online. Use the gadgets as a tool to guide you in what you need, want and what interests you, and also in finding your healthy balance, but spend more time doing these things!

Walk the dog, hold a yard sale, play chess with a loved one. Take the time to notice playing children or animals. Feel real interaction. Feel the energy of a live concert, play or dance. Notice art. Go to a museum. These things have to do with life. These all represent real life because they are the stuff that life is made of, and often, it is the toil of one’s own hands, skill the creativity of one’s own mind. Also notice other parts of life, creation, the things that are also alive. Trees, insects, grass, animals, plants. These are also to do with life. Always remember the need we people have to connect; not only to one another, but to all life, animals and plants-life. You feel this connection with real interaction. Trying to feel this connection online is really not effective and is further numbing your senses to a need that all people have-a sense of belonging and connection.

Search out books on the things that interest you, and that you intend to help you on your journey, order the books, good, old-fashioned paper and binding-books. Then take them with you camping, hiking, to the park or simply reading inside on a rainy day, and prepare yourself to begin the steps toward creating the life you want. A major part of this is being healthy and strong, which also means reduced time spent on the gadgets.

Health, wellness, peace, contentedness, strength, vigor and the conscious life are about conscious choices throughout the journey. They are about a consistent daily choice. The gadgets can cause bad habits and lazy thinking because we think that we can instantly turn off and on our health, our eating or sleeping habits with the click of the red X box in the corner. Overuse of the gadgets, also makes it appear that all there is to life is entertainment and sweets.

As you know, this is not so. Life is also about work. Strength, happiness, wellness are about a conscious choice and follow through. They are about working toward your goals and feeling the sense of reward when they are accomplished. They are about life. There is life, and many catch all terms for life are used. Still, life is the only life there is. There is no life but life.

Life throughout centuries past, in timelessness has shown us this very thing. That is, that one’s own toil, creativity, a slower pace, but having knowledge of all applicable things to life were all anyone ever had. That is until the present day. There is always life, but it is living, breathing life, very much alive. It is not digital gadgets. (Please refer to my second book Life Is Conscious, Autumn, Timelessness Affirms Life.)

It is the interaction and connection of people, plants, animals and LIFE. Now we can make the distinction, and to consciously separate life from things that are from life but are seen on a digital device and are not of life, nor alive. Unplugged time is an excellent way to do that, a sort of turning off the motor boat for a few days or weeks, and just enjoying a relaxed drift.

So, internet is a great tool, but it is not life. I suggest both seasonal and weekly unplugged time. You choose the day per week, and the time frame per season, obviously being realistic to your needs, your schedule, taking into account what you do for work, but also sticking to the designated time you set aside. (See my 7 step guide.) http://wellnessdiaries.com/?page_id=462

Thank you for reading! Enjoy your unplugged time. Get out there and just do it. Feel it.

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