The Books


Trying to understand the concept taught in The Wellness Diaries (my first book, a memoir) and the second, Life Is Conscious from these web posts, is like trying to experience a veg-stir fry one rice grain at a time. The real message is found in the books. The web posts are parts, pieces of the whole; the posts are rice grains with flavor. We want to dive in and experience the entire message, the full veg stir-fry; inviting all to do just that.

It is for this reason that I have reduced both websites to a few posts for a bit so that readers (and myself) can focus on the message of the books. The message of the books is found in the books.

If you haven’t already, please read both books. If you are not ready to order them, then request one from your local library.

Please read the books. Please read the books. Please read the books and help to pass on the message.

Thank you for reading.
Wishing abundance, peace and well-being.


Both books are available for order through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. They are currently available in English and Spanish.

My first book, The Wellness Diaries

The Life Is Conscious book is available through and, or it can be ordered right here.

Order Life Is Conscious directly from Owen: Both books are available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


“He got eem!”
“Who’s got who?! hahaha” -Old man humor

The Natural Reptiles E book available online. The hard copy is available through the market.

Natural Reptiles E book, $3.00.


4. Eyes On The Prize
Clarity in the Pursuit of Peace, Life, Liberty and Happiness

The opinionated old man continues…

“Ha ha ha, these kids comin up nowadays, they don’t even know how to tickle their lizards. Why when I was a boy… Say… when I was a boy I never tickled no lizards, at least not that kind,” he says with a wink as he walks away. Then he stops; he turns around and starts back.”Hey boy! What’s the deal? Why ya ticklin’ the lizards in the first place?” He asks loudly, walking haughtily, and slips on his own banana peel, falling flat on his back. He sees the answer as the blue sky more clearly than it has ever appeared. “Oh… uh yeah… uh yeah that is.”