Silence? What is That?

Frosty snow, November 013

in my second book, Life Is Conscious, I write about today’s fast pace and the added stress that comes from noise pollution. Noise pollution adds stress and diminishes well-being, but it can also reduce ability to focus, often making communication difficult (even within a household.)

Reduction of outside noise is an ongoing issue on many levels. However, within your own home, there are things that you can do to stop, slow down and decrease excess noise and added stress.

You can set aside a few times each day when you turn off noisy appliances, radios and TV’s and tune in to silence. Even regular household appliances such as dryers and washing machines can add extra noise. This quiet time set aside is very effective in tuning into silence and experiencing at least a temporary, quiet sanctuary. You will find that with less noise, you feel more relaxed and you are able to slow down and/or stop and experience living in the moment. You might use this time to care for, or simply notice the beauty of your houseplants, or watch the cat or goldfish for a few minutes. The important thing is that you turn off as much noise as possible and consciously go to a peaceful place in your mind, one aided by silence. Try it. It is very effective. Do this regularly.

If you inform those you live with, you will find that your overall voice tone is softer, less harsh, and for all people involved, communication is better. You can listen without multi tasking, and you are able to just be present; so can those you live with. Isn’t it great?
Try it.

Never forget the power of visiting the natural world to experience peace, beauty, solace and silence. Is there a nearby park, river, stream, beach, forest, hike, or nature walk? (Depending on where you live, some of these may be quieter than others.) Either way, whether you prefer your home, or the natural world, set aside regular time to consciously seek silence. The sound of silence really is worth seeking.

Life Is Conscious book

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The Rising Sun

October Sky 001

Everything is a matter of perspective. One can look to the east and see the morning sun where the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. If a person stands in the meadow, looking at the rising sun, the view will look much different to the person standing in the mountains, or on a beach and looks to the east sun.

When the sun sets, maybe the person in the mountains sees the perspective of the one in the meadow and sees his point of view. Regardless of the different views, each is valid. Whether from the meadow, beach or mountains, the sun still rises in the east. It’s all a matter of perspective.

I am in the business of working toward a world where we coexist. One of the very first major road blocks I face on a daily basis, is helping people to believe and understand that this is possible. A big part of it being possible is a willingness for people to see each other’s view points and meet each other half way.

Throughout my journey, I have found it totally eye-opening to see the viewpoints of others. Try it.

Try to see where people might be coming from, discovering that person’s priorities and values, helps to see into their perspective and understand where they might be coming from. You don’t have to agree with their views and you don’t have to accept them as your own. You can choose to take from theirs what serves you and leave what does not.

At some point, we all realize that our differences are really not that different and that we are all battling fears in some form. We all want our own enough for ourselves and loved ones. This is fair.

The best part is that this IS possible. Yes, we have much work to do, but it is possible. All needs, interconnected, means bringing together two polar opposites. It means bringing together two different worlds where they meet in the middle. Keep in mind though, that we only have to do it with one world-ours, the earth.

Where does it all begin? Right here. You are in the right place.
Please read my latest book about this very thing.

Life Is Conscious book

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