The Annoying Veg


Have you ever been annoyed by vegetarians who seem to believe that a veg diet is the answer to pretty much everything? We might be annoying, but it’s true that eating veg is the answer; and is worth its weight in gold in several ways. Pick one: The earth, human health, world hunger, animals, economies, health care, (disease care) even your mood and teeth all benefit tremendously from eating a veg diet.

It may not be a far stretch to say that going vegan may be a bit much for some people. However, did you know that if all people chipped in and reduced their meat consumption to sparingly-just once or twice a week, the earth would be able to recover? The yellow and red polluted air would clear up. The streams, rivers, lakes and oceans would be clear, not green. Fish could make a come back. The leveled forests would be on the way to a return.

You don’t have to be an annoying vegan like moi to make a difference for the earth and your health. Try reducing meat to only a few times a week. I bet you will notice a difference. 😉 Your own body and the earth will thank you.

Happy 29th. Himalayas-Everest? 29,029 Now that’s tall. Last I heard at least, because after all, she’s still on the rise. I will watch the climb from here though.
Just dance.

Wellness for Animals

Hi Everyone,

As you know, the Wellness Diaries/Life Is Conscious concept covers a lot of area, many branches of the same tree. Recently I attended the Young Living Essential oils animal conference. It was cold and breezy for those couple of days, but we huddled with coats and blankets underneath a huge tent as we were all taught by holistic animal wellness experts from all over the United States. Loved it! The evolving, life-affirming language toward animals was fantastic to hear. Maybe it’s been around, but it was fantastically new to me.

A lot is involved in new ways, findings and breakthroughs. Not only was there excellent information about animal diets and nutrition, but also about training, exercise, vaccinations, metaphysics, even spirituality. I would recommend the conference to anyone who loves animals, or who is involved in animal health and well-being in any way. We were taught by experts for two days. The information about horses, dogs, cats and small animals was precious, and the weekend is a sweet memory. It was great to meet so many like-minded people and animals. Woo-hoo! Good times, good times… and timeless. At least it felt that way to me. Timeless or recent, to me, new. Merci beaucoup.
Young Living Essential Oils resonate with me; they are the oils I use for home and garden. #3064574


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