Happy Earth Day and Fridee!

Wherever you are, in your backyard or deeply submerged in creation, make it fun, making it count in an edifying way, and with reverence for creation. The two can go together. Humans need nature. After all, it has to do with our origins, beginnings. Where would we be without it?


Nature Prescription?? Say Hell Yes

This is something I’ve not heard about; f i n a l l y a giant step forward in the right direction: Doctor’s that actually prescribe time in nature. I’ve been emphasizing time in nature for a long time but now it’s good to hear that there are some doctors who are forward-thinking.
I really like what Pam said: “there is a reason you feel wonderful while out in the sun, it’s nature’s way of telling you that you are doing the right thing.”

Oh hell yeah.

Check out the brief video clip:
Nature Prescription
Enjoy the journey and your health returning to you.


No Apps Needed to Observe Weather

Have you ever noticed the quiet conditions when it is snowing?

Just this morning while walking the dog I could carry a conversation with a friend/neighbor from across the street. Normally we’d have to shout to communicate, but we could converse like we were walking together. Sound is muffled and dampened by falling snow.

Animals also behave differently in the snow-seeming refreshed by it as well. One neighborhood dog that always greets us through the fence was especially playful and was annoyed by passing cars, barking at and chasing them, (not a typical behavior). The behavior was likely due to the noise. Shoot, I felt like chasing the cars and giving them a piece of my mind too for ruining the peaceful moment. Cars on a wet street are louder than when it is dry.
Two Inspirational Movements
Enjoy the much needed spring snow storm.


Two Inspirational Movements

Be sure to check these out! This documentary is both inspiring and informative; learning and choosing planting techniques that regenerate the earth’s soils. I found the footage interesting where in the northern hemisphere during the month of April, the levels of carbon are especially high. This is at the time that fields are tilled. As I write this post it is hazy. Even KSL admits this, showing a “yellow” air day. The film is an introduction to a more ecologically sound practice:no-till planting. I don’t till my garden either-never have. I knew it was unnatural.
Kiss the Ground
Also available on Netflix

This naturally leads to the topic of producing enough clean and healthy food to feed a growing population sustainably. Food Revolution Summit begins in a few days. Real, whole food that nourishes and replenishes.

Education, inspiration, understanding, continued momentum in the right direction.



You may remember my sunflowers from last summer. They became this:

This is great for food storage. With a couple of those big seed heads I was able to eat fresh sunflower seeds all winter. Keep in mind sunflower seeds are one good source of vitamin D from plants, Elpel, T. (2008). Botany in a day (5th ed.).

You may enjoy going out on a limb and grow your own this year; the bees love them too.

Have fun and happy spring!