Two Inspirational Movements

Be sure to check these out! This documentary is both inspiring and informative; learning and choosing planting techniques that regenerate the earth’s soils. I found the footage interesting where in the northern hemisphere during the month of April, the levels of carbon are especially high. This is at the time that fields are tilled. As I write this post it is hazy. Even KSL admits this, showing a “yellow” air day. The film is an introduction to a more ecologically sound practice:no-till planting. I don’t till my garden either-never have. I knew it was unnatural.
Kiss the Ground
Also available on Netflix

This naturally leads to the topic of producing enough clean and healthy food to feed a growing population sustainably. Food Revolution Summit begins in a few days. Real, whole food that nourishes and replenishes.

Education, inspiration, understanding, continued momentum in the right direction.


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