No Apps Needed to Observe Weather

Have you ever noticed the quiet conditions when it is snowing?

Just this morning while walking the dog I could carry a conversation with a friend/neighbor from across the street. Normally we’d have to shout to communicate, but we could converse like we were walking together. Sound is muffled and dampened by falling snow.

Animals also behave differently in the snow-seeming refreshed by it as well. One neighborhood dog that always greets us through the fence was especially playful and was annoyed by passing cars, barking at and chasing them, (not a typical behavior). The behavior was likely due to the noise. Shoot, I felt like chasing the cars and giving them a piece of my mind too for ruining the peaceful moment. Cars on a wet street are louder than when it is dry.
Two Inspirational Movements
Enjoy the much needed spring snow storm.


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