Plant-based in LA?

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Presentation by Dr. Michael Klaper

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Caldwell Esselstyn, MD author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

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Food demo: Sabrina Nelson of Vegsource and Ann Esselstyn

It was so fascinating to go to the Healthy Lifestyles Expo to hear about nutrition, health and the environment straight from the experts last weekend. I met so many inspiring people. In fact, pretty much everyone I met inspired me in one way or another. Each had their own unique story to tell about what it was that sparked them to start a plant-based diet.

One man’s story caught my interest because he has been plant-based only since October 1st! He is also sixty-nine years young and was excited to be seeing changes in his health after only three weeks! He described a physical and mental “lightness”, better sleep and an overall sense of healing taking place since he had adopted a plant-based diet.

As excited as I was for him, this was not surprising to me. The body is always attempting to find a state of health and feeding it nutritious foods as found in plants is a major step in helping the body to do this. The benefits of a plant-based diet truly are amazing, and just as described in The Wellness Diaries, one notices changes in overall health almost within days. The impact is that profound. This is because it is a more natural diet for people, one that helps people return to their natural state-health.

Just as my own account explained in The Wellness Diaries, after I adopted a plant-based diet, I noticed changes nearly overnight. I began sleeping much better, I felt up to some activity to where I eventually started exercising again. There is so much evidence and there just is no mistaking the profound effect of adopting nourishment via nutrition, (a plant-based diet).

I realized that everyone who eats a plant-based diet will have their own stories as they took this vital first step that opened up the other steps of health for them. Each unique story includes details of how their physical symptoms of illness disappear, they shed excess weight, cholesterol drops dramatically, they begin to sleep better, they feel up to doing some activity, they gain a better outlook on life. It becomes easier for them to shed the negativity and to focus on the bright side. The body is able to regain balance and wholeness when it is fed what it is designed to eat. This is plants.

Hello! The above is health described.

Yes, there really is something to the cabbage, kale, rice, sweet potatoes, lentils, quinoa, potatoes, carrots, balsamic vinegar salad, apples, etc.

It is never too late to start eating well on a plant-based diet. Not even at sixty-nine.

This was my first year attending the expo and it was great to hear the facts confirmed straight from the experts.

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LA Impressions…

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I took a fantastic trip to Los Angeles, California for the Healthy Lifestyles Expo hosted by Vegsource. It was a way to continue education about a healthy lifestyle but it was also a great vacation. I met wonderful, inspiring people and had a great time. Some of the first things I noticed right off the airplane, (that is of course, besides the palm trees,) were squirrels!

LA 017

I was amazed to see these guys running through the park full of palm trees amidst the hustle and bustle of cars, foot traffic and city noise. This introduced the theme of LA to me that I found so amazing! The squirrels, crows, Chickadees and the pine and palm trees that I observed thriving beside so much human activity not only amused me but inspired me too. There is so much in this area but it all works! All thrive. All becomes part of the balance of the ecosystem, however modified it may be.

I found LA to be a place with beautiful scenery, plants, animals, a mostly warm climate and friendly people. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there. As far as people, LA represents those from all walks of life, cultures belief systems and ethnic backgrounds. As with the animals and plants, it works! It is like these things are all thrown together and it is therefore all part of the thriving ecosystem. All the varieties of plants, animals and people…. who says all these can’t live together in harmony? This is just what I saw. I saw exactly what I hoped to see.

This streetname caught my eye…. How could it not?
LA 012
What would this sign say? …. “stop, notice the tree, and whether in or out of Owen’s mouth, pay attention”. 🙂

As for the expo, it was great to hear of the most recent studies and evidence about plant-based nutrition, human health and how it is related to the health of the earth.

LA 020

Among some of the experts were T Colin Campbell, PhD, author of The China Study, Caldwell B Esselstyn, MD, author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, and Dr. Michael Klaper.
LA 021

Night life of any ecosystem is a new world too.

LA 009

LA 013
“Crow Tree”

LA 014

In my zone, this tree would be a 2′ houseplant! I knew that LA was warm bit it still took getting used to see Ficus trees as landscaped plants. Yes, I know I need to get out more!

LA 018

Oleander “We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto”

LA 026
LA 027

It was great to be there and hear the latest on health and nutrition straight from the experts.
Beautiful LA.

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