Vegan Finnish Cookies!

Hi Everyone,

With that, be sure to try some vegan cookies from Finland!
When I talk to people about eating well, plant-based diets, veganism etc I’m always enthusiastic to tell them about Terhi, my Mormon vegan friend from Finland. Terhi is one whose entire family (husband and three teens) eat plant-based, (vegan in fact).

You just have to try her cookies. Even the packaging of the cookies sports the philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Living in the Salt Lake valley, you can contact her about homemade vegan cookies here:


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The Rest of ‘eem

As promised, here is the orchid photo after the new blossom. You know it’s that time of year later winter into spring. Sun, snow, rain all in a day.
Enjoy, hereux Vendredi, and have a fantastic weekend!

Before the blossom:


PS, nevermind the dog hair, but I couldn’t resist adding this photo of a spider I saw in my house. What did I do with it you ask. The answer is…

of course not! It was too cold outside; 🙂 so who knows where he is now, (yes, I do believe it is a male).