In your neighborhood, or not?

Happy Friday! (vendredi hereux)!

Today I went to the Asian market and picked up some groceries. I even walked there, considering myself very fortunate to have one close by. I set out carrying my reusable cotton bags. As one who eats a plant-based diet, Asian markets are priceless gems where so many yummy and healthful foods can be purchased. You can find Japanese sweet potatoes (if you haven’t tried these, you must give them a whirl; they are really good!) They are often sold as Japanese yams. You will also find tofu, mung beans, dried mushrooms, shallots, fresh ginger, bok choy, every type of rice imaginable and rice noodles. Excellent finds for excellent nutrient dense recipes; many ethnic foods: Chinese, Indian, Mexican, etc offer a multitude of dishes and if they are prepared well, they can be very healthy, substantial and filling meals that easily serve a family. Shoot, you may even be able to walk there, getting some exercise, groceries, sunshine and fresh air all at the same time. How about that. ­čÖé

I have written all about this philosophy that more closely resembles the way things are supposed to be in my first memoir The Wellness Diaries

Be sure to check your area for the nearest Asian market and if you have one of these gems close by, be sure to add it to your list of small businesses to support. The more of these small markets that sell pure, nutritious food that pop up, the more we can help to prevent the pandemic of food deserts that are a growing problem in the U. S.

Share the abundance, the power, the earth, and the good life of health for the planet and people. Support small business. Diversity is key.

Be sure to check out my new memoir The Irony of the Well for the continued philosophy that works.


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