“Where do you get your protein?”

“The answer is lettuce and everything else I eat.”

This response to a very common question is certain to get either a laugh or a scoff. The question sounds like something out of a 1960’s health documentary, but it illustrates a glaring misconception so I give it as an example. Vegetarians and even vegans don’t really have to worry about getting enough protein as long as the calorie intake is adequate. Proteins are simply made up of amino acid chains and different foods contain different amino acids. All foods contain some amino acids, even lettuce; it is also not necessary to combine foods with different combinations of amino acids (such as corn bread and soy milk) as once thought. A whole-foods, plant-based diet full of fresh vegetables, whole grains, starches and legumes delivers excellent nutrition.

The possibilities of yummy food combinations by cuisine or meals of the day are endless.
So embrace your chef!

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Never forget that these blog posts are herbs and spices of a full course meal. The books are the banquet.


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