The irony….

Happy Friday! Ha as though you could go do anything about it. Between COVID rules, regulations, policies and procedures and Utah’s Hong Kong-like air, they’ve pretty much got that covered.

“Damn man, what’s the matter, robot take your job or something?”
“Well you can’t talk; you’re in the same boat dude.” Artificial intelligence coming to a gadget near you.

(Before you try to reflex here on me into perma-optimism mode, please know that I already do not disagree with the practice of looking on the bright side and I have written about it many times in “striving to make the bright side a bit brighter” -OS. With that, I am asking you to meet me half way and to realize and open your eyes, looking around at the world, the deforestation, the polluted air, contaminated water and genetically modified foods, growing poverty, and a myriad of examples of preventable diseases of western affluence; there awaits the realization that perma-optimism is at some point a form of complacency and denial, which exacerbates the problem(s)further.
There is a time to be optmistic and there is a time to be realistic and take a good look with the objective of separating what is working versus what is not working and a time to consider something different and things differently).

“Dude, that is probably the longest section between two parentheses ever.”

“Okay, sounds good; so now we continue”:

If robots can take our jobs and cell phones can spy well enough to put the most attentive gossip to shame, then apparently hard work is not really valued, so work has changed to the point where it can’t really be taken all that seriously. That being the case, I want eight weeks annual vacation, eighteen dollars per hour minimum wage; I want to choose my own hours, my own schedule and I want insurance available for part-time employees because the bear minimum is all I plan to do, since my hard earned skills can now be done with the latest invention.

What’s the point in working at all??? It’s funny how more and more that is actually becoming an increasingly valid question. After all, we’ve all just been encouraged to shop at the big box stores and on Amazon stay at home and watch movies for the past several months.

Well the answer is up for discussion. However, my point is that I want a freaking choice. It is BOVINE EXCREMENT that we have to remind ourselves and others that we deserve some say, that we want a choice. Life is about choice. America (the free) is (was) about having a choice. We all know we’re not as free as we once were.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

Plant the garden anyone? No gadgets needed (or wanted) for the good toil in the soil.

Be sure to read my new memoir while you still can The Irony of the Well. It was straight from me to you since I wrote it. There were no robots involved.


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