Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Check Out the Weather and the Air!

Alright ya’ll. You know me; I am very critical of Utah air quality; the air that is all too often compared to Hong Kong’s air. The theme is often: “At least we’re not as bad as Hong Kong”.

“Yeah, way to look on the bright side there Howard.”

But today there is a bright side and we managed to make the bright side even a bit brighter.
Go outside and see what a picture perfect air quality day looks like. That my friends is what Utah air should and CAN look like if we all pull together as we have done these past 3 weeks in other ways. Just a side note there. 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

More Effective

Throughout the day to day of grinding elbows, tension, or mostly annoyance can sometimes run high. Yet when it counts the very most, humanity finds it in them to pull together and help each other more than lashing out about the annoyances.
At a time when the whole world is having to react and respond in some form to the Corona virus, it is more effective and healing for everyone involved do the little positive things. These add up to make the very changes needed at this time. What you do, no matter how small does count; it makes a difference.

When I have to go out and buy groceries it is like something out of a movie. Product on the shelves is sparse; there is that dazed yet receptive air in public places as people everywhere do their best with what they have. I bet you’ve noticed as I have that at times like these I feel more connected to humanity. I think most of us are aware that times like these can bring out the best and the worst in people. I know I’m not in the mood to elaborate much on examples of either the positive or the negative. I will say that through the hardship humanity seems to pull together and recover, and it is nice to see that some people are choosing to pull together and to be considerate at this time instead of the opposite.

It is a time to be thoughtful and considerate. Upon seeing the unexpected friend or acquaintance in public, instead of the traditional handshake, hug or fist bump, maybe a thumb’s up, a nod or hands together gesture is more suited for this current situation. Small things such as letting someone in during traffic,sincere gestures (such as nods and politeness) help to connect and spread the positivity. I know that when I have to go to buy groceries and everyone is feeling that sort of daze, sometimes even what can approach anxiety, strangers seem grateful for acknowledgment in some form; a mild smile, or a nod, or sincere politeness. The other night at the store, people seemed especially grateful for these and I know that I was especially grateful for those returned gestures also. These imply and spread positivity that “we got this” and that we’ll be okay; we’ll make it through.”

I bet you’ll agree that sincerity and positivity are much more effective in times like this rather than reflexing one’s way into the madness and the chaos. Staying calm, being in the present moment, putting things into perspective, having accurate and reliable information, being warm, acknowledging, sincere and confident especially to strangers all add up to working wonders through difficult times.