Prison Project-Victim to Victor

Some things are broken beyond repair-the only effective method being to scrap it for parts and start over. At least two of these are right here at home in the U.S. They are the U.S. healthcare (sickness-nursing system), and our prison system.
I discuss this in my book The Irony of the Well.

I was glad to find a movement Prison Project that is actually designed as a solution to the prison problem instead of to further perpetuate what is currently a hopeless cycle of addiction, poverty and recidivism.
You can donate to the movement. I have added the link to my Getting Involved page.

Be sure to watch the brief video about The Prison Project movement. If you are moved and shed a tear or two, this shows that you are still a human, still able to feel compassion. How about that!?

Thanks for thinking forward and outside the box, for educating yourself and staying informed.

60 Minutes and Fourteen Years of Prison