Just Around The Corner!

I just had to pound out a brief post. It’s the tail end of winter. I hope you are also enjoying the gradual increase of activity and exercise with the returning sunlight. You may notice various things as you exercise and spend a bit more time outside in the sunshine. Notice changes in your mood, and behavior. These are great things to add to your wellness diary. What have you noticed? Laughing more? Having more energy? Feeling spring fever? The latter makes me laugh. Having worked 11 years in the horticulture industry, we learned to laugh about spring fever, not only seeing it first hand but being right smack in the middle of it-all of it! At this time of the year we are all feeling a similar sort of “coming to” as we seem to be emerging from the cave that was the cold and darkness of winter.

I spent 11 years advising people on how to plant trees, shrubs, vegetables and vines. Now I am very much looking forward to taking my turn to do these, and I am trying a few garden plants this year. It is indeed around this time of year that we naturally begin to come out of the half awake state and feel the joy of spring again. You can use the extra energy for accomplishing some spring cleaning and de-clutter or other new pursuits.

Gardening is mother earth therapy. There is nothing like it. I’ve discovered this and I know you will enjoy discovering the multiple benefits of mother earth therapy also. There are a few great ways to tap into this mutually beneficial pasttime; gardening is an excellent one. I submit that you will discover a whole new world that you’ve been missing when you begin the journey, living lightly on the earth, always progressing at your own pace doing what you can as you can.

Do you remember the pattern from Life Is Conscious?
Keep your wellness diary handy while following the pattern as you explore and discover new things about yourself and your own connection to the earth and your own oneness with the universe.

You may try some garden ventures yourself. Each year there are additional options for the eco garden. Some ideas might include natural weed and pest control, planters made of rice fiber or coconut husk. You may see pre-made bat houses for attracting these fascinating natural insect controlling creatures to your own backyard! Never forget that there is a type of bird that eats nearly every insect pest out there! They naturally perform a tremendous service to us in our gardens and yards, so help the birds help you by avoiding the use of toxic chemicals in your yard. Also, spaying/neutering your cats and not letting them roam free will help the birds to help you also. One of the biggest challenges that beneficial, insect controlling birds face is house cats.

For feral cats, our own local Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Adoption has an excellent, humane-live trap, spay/neuter and release program. I have used it myself and they make it very user friendly and smooth.

It is indeed nearly that time. We’re all feeling it as the temperatures increase and the sun is with us longer with each day.

You may want to try one of my favorite places in the world for eco-gardening ideas, orchids, water-wise plants(fitting, since Utah is a desert)-Cactus and Tropicals!
Cactus and Tropicals

London, Paris, Rome, Cactus and Tropicals.

It’s one of those days when the mild breeze stirs up a mystery-very nice; you already know the time and place for fun in the sun, and toil in the soil, the cool water that falls.

Meet you there.