The New Empire; Marriage??

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Peasant observations here for ye:
It is the super Mega merger of human history-government and religion; there is practically no longer a line. They are merging.

This comes at an inconvenient time, because I was just realizing that I no longer had ants crawling on my neck and everywhere else when I thought about going to the jewelry store to notice, (not look) at different rings. “What do I prefer again, silver or gold”?

Now, for most peasants the decision is easy; he and his bride-to-be simply take the camel caravan to ye village parish, the traditional faith of the ancestors and get hitched.

See, there is a slight problem with this though because this peasant wants nothing to do with the empire and wants a divorce from it. He doesn’t have to file the divorce to either the church or the county because they both already left him high and dry a long time ago. Since the merge took place, he finds it difficult to trust either of them, so certainly neither one will be invited into his love/spiritual relationship, oh no. There is for men, a bipolar, double standard embedded with multiple and subtle contradictions.

Some RM’s left arms are caught in the gears of capitalism and debt for their shelter and cars. Yet, their right leg is caught in the gears of religion. They can’t even move. It is a nearly imperceptible subtlety, and a next to impossible predicament that has ensnared many men. Our goose is cooked as soon as we try. Because we tried the goose is scorched, blackened beyond recognition and everyone complains that we smell like smoke…

The empire is not invited. That means that we can’t even call it marriage. No calories burned over that though; one of my favorite books summarizes all too well in the title alone. Marriage, A History; How Love Conquered Marriage.

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2 thoughts on “The New Empire; Marriage??

  1. Valentine’s Day thanks to Men

    In recent years, we have read a lot in articles and heard in relationships that women are not understood. How we are so sensitive, and the jerky men don’t understand, don’t listen to us..

    Well. My experience is different.

    As I become more sensitive, I become more aware of the sensitivity of our male partners. Their infinite vulnerability, their pain, their trauma, their devoted hearts, their fears. They are just as sentient beings, full of wounds and misunderstandings, as we women are. Only it’s harder for them, because society still teaches them not to show it, because it’s not masculine. And so, somehow, over the long years, we women have formed the right to put our own feelings first and expect to be understood.

    As my years go by, I have to realize how wonderfully sensitive you men are. And we love you so!!! I want to feel more and more each day for this wonderful gender, with whom complete union can only become a reality if their spirituality is given the same attention as ours.

    It has taken me many years and many experiences to finally understand how differently you operate, and behind it all, there is the same wonderful Divine Heart that we have.

    I am grateful to you, all men, be it love, friends or brothers, for having the courage to show yourselves! You are teaching me. Please keep teaching me.

    I am infinitely grateful to all of you who have ever listened to me, supported me, hugged me, encouraged me, or loved me, to all of you who care for me for just a minute, or years, or forever.
    You all matter to me!

    Thank you all🙏

    • That was beautiful Lena. Thank you so much. Your sincerity and willingness to understand makes me want to be a better person and to be equally sincere and understanding. I really appreciate your depth, insight and active ears that you have given to understanding what has generally been misunderstood for a long time. There is something for both. You should know that this is reciprocated. I am glad that understanding is beginning to go both ways and that humanity is becoming more receptive to, and is striving toward this.

      As I’ve grown I can see women’s tremendous gifts and strengths. These are often in ways that I’m not as strong or gifted, and I am glad the world has access to this strength and gifts through you (and all of you). I believe in the healing power of women; both the laying on of hands when necessary to heal the individual, and the helping to heal societies’ delusions. The Yin and the Yang comes to mind, balance and harmony between the two. Both have an integral part.

      In that place where there is misunderstanding is also a beginning point for real communication, healing, unity, (and union) forgiveness, creation, renewal and forward motion.

      Indeed fitting for Valentine’s Day; thank you again. Love and hugs from here, and we men are grateful to you, all women, also.


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