Orphanage that Grows Organic Vegetables

I was moved by this, so I wanted to share. Here is an orphanage in Acapulco, Mexico that grows organic vegetables for the kids. The program helps to not only feed the children, but also to send them to college.
I like what I read and see so far, so I donated:

Just some thoughts: A concern I have recently heard is not knowing which ones are pure, and whether the funds are really going to the cause. This may be a valid concern in this day and age. It is good to have a healthy dose of skepticism, where one should be skeptical while navigating this complex and fragmented world. While I don’t claim to have all the recipes mastered for how to decide which ones are trustworthy, some wise words my brother once taught me, which hold true in so many aspects of life also shed light here. They are that belief (trust also, I might add) is ultimately a choice. Part of the power of giving/donating to a cause is to practice that trust, letting go and to set the intention free, releasing it to something bigger than oneself. Part of trust and faith for that matter is doing your best to your knowledge and study, yet accepting that you don’t have total control of every outcome, but understanding that the intention is a major part. It is very true that trust is a two way street and parties traveling both directions have an important part to play. That is a topic for another day. No doubt though; trust earns trust, and respect earns respect.

At any rate, have fun donating. It is fun too! It is like your own personal stamp and your creative flare toward how you would improve the world.


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