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One Degree Organics

These oats were given to me to try, and I must say they are excellent! I’ve written for a long time here that quality pays for itself. I like that this company is a small, family-owned/operated farm, that they care about food quality, and the environment. I also really like the logo “from farmers we know.” Now, that’s what I’m sayin.’ These principles that I have written about here for over a decade of small, local, slow down, simplify, know who you’re buying from and quality over quantity apply to much more than food, but food is always a great place to start. “If you want to you can start at the beginning.” -(Staples, O., 2013). Further, notice the glyphosate-free sign on the left side (it’s hard to see from the photo sorry about that). I love seeing packaging such as this that shows awareness of the environment and human health.

I can tell you that in taste and texture, there is no comparison. Food this good stands as a stark reminder of how fabulous real food should and can taste. Tracking down this brand is well worth the effort. I highly recommend it.

At any rate, enjoy your new brand of oatmeal! I drink some juice of the vine to that!


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