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Here is another recipe idea; well sort of, you know I don’t really do recipes. I just flavor to taste.
This is a recent discovery, black-eyed pea soup with lots of dill. The dill is both a fresh herb that I planted myself from seed in my garden, and dried is used also. The dill makes the dish!

Black-eyed peas, dill, barley, onions, carrots, cauliflower. The cauliflower and barley make for a nice creamy texture, but it is cancer-cream (dairy) free so it is a guilt-free dish.
Be sure to soak the legumes overnight and cook for two hours. Be prepared to experiment and have fun flavoring it up just the way you like it!

You may find the following ratios helpful:
Roughly 2 C Black-eyed peas
to 1/3 C barley. Serves 2


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