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Individuals are where they are on their journey. There is no need to compartmentalize, judge, place boundaries and lines, as it is a journey for each. Always remember also, that everyone will likely take a journey at some point in their life.

One part of the WD/LIC philosophy is choosing to see the brighter side of things, and training one’s mind to do this more often. This also means working to make the bright side a bit brighter. This is no easy task and it takes a lot of practice, trial and error, but it can be done and is being done.

I have learned the hard way: Being on a journey doesn’t mean invalidating others on their own journey; and either deliberately or inadvertently clobbering another with the optimism or high vibe club-a virtual vibe snob. Glad to share what I know, having learned the hard way here, through the school of hard knocks, trial and error. This is indeed a thin line, because people who are on a productive, happy path are climbing. Their vibes are up; they are thoroughly enjoying their learning and growth while on their path.

Meanwhile, another person, say, a coworker or sibling is not quite ready for their major growth spurt, and/or climbing phase. So, instantly there is a vibe collision. Merely being in the presence of one another; things won’t mix very well with these two parties. This has to be understood, but more importantly, it must be understood that neither are in the wrong… Further, neither are in the right to place blame. It is simply a matter of instant opposites, regarding where each is on their journey; it is a combination that doesn’t readily mix such as oil and water. So, the most obvious, is to not force the mixture! Wherever possible, as much as possible, the one who is on the growth spurt and climbing phase must be allowed to do so. The one who is not quite ready, don’t try to test your strength at this time, compete, keep up, or prove anything. Know that your time is coming. Be where you are. Stand where you are.

People must be on the same page here exercising patience, compassion and respect where each is on their journey, coupled with the understanding that everything is a choice; but that there is wisdom, cycles, order and timing in everything. It is a difficult thing to see when one is in a place of maintenance, just “getting by at this time,” knowing that their turn is coming soon, to see that this is the one who is often clobbered by the ones who are excited about their path. “Smack! I’m so optimistic. I don’t need to wallow in that squire anymore with these folks.” Remember that haughtiness, arrogance goes both ways, from up to down, from down to up. Those in the up have responsibility and so do those in the down. Things will balance out and reach the middle, but everyone has a part to play while it does.

People are where they are. Remember to respect the time and season of another on their own journey.

Now, in fairness, both places are valid. This is why things can become tricky because where the exuberant one is coming from, yes, mingling with people who are still negative and not quite ready to journey too much, for too long can easily cost them their vibes and can cause them to backslide on their path. This is why one of the first things to understand is that oil and water just don’t mix and there should be as little mixing of these as possible with respect and politeness on and from both sides.

Having said that though, this does not mean that one is wrong and another right, and so resist the urge to clobber, or be high and mighty. One doesn’t say to the Spruce sapling after planting it in the ground, “just grow damnit!”
One begins their path when they do. There simply is no forcing it.

The natural, whole path is all about wisdom, order, timing and cycles. Each person will have their turn to grow and blossom. Those who are starting the path, yes, be careful about mixing with negativity, but don’t become high and mighty about it either. Chances are, just a few weeks, months, years prior, you were not at your best, when climbing and growing seemed out of the question.

This takes much practice, patience, trial and error. It goes both ways, to and from both sides, where all have a part to play. We can avoid many conflicts and much tension if we people, from individuals to communities to societies simply let go of the need to compartmentalize, draw lines, place two-hundred in the good box, to then place fifty in the bad box. These days are gone my friends.

Major conflicts can arise and definitely have arisen throughout history from our need to control, define what may need no definition, place lines, and compartmentalize. Wellness is about the individual, throughout the many aspects of spirit, mind and body. It should come as no surprise then, that spiritual health, mental health, and physical health are all parts connected to the whole of well-being. The state of each always influences the others. Balance.

One term fairly common in mental health language, is hyper-religiosity. Balance varies per individual according to needs. This may seem complicated, but actually the truth is simple. Keep balanced. Don’t hurt others. Spiritual health, mental health, physical health. Try to work on each and aim for balance.

Remember some of the key rules:

1. No one can dispute the reality of another, so don’t try.
2. Do no harm to others. You cannot inflict harm, or pain on another either emotionally or physically without them feeling the need to retaliate. In the words of the Dalai Lama, “help people where you can, and if you are unable to help them, at least don’t hurt them.”
3. People are where they are on their journey. And it is okay where each is on their journey. Respect timing, order and cycles and the natural flow.
4. When dealing with others, put respect, politeness, kindness at the forefront, not sarcasm, rudeness, teasing and cynicism.

Always be kind and patient to yourself and others as you journey. We have all been through some things. We are all learning to get along, because we are all practicing and growing in new ways. So most of all, enjoy the journey!

Thank you for reading.

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