Helping the Native Bees to Thrive

Check out this creative use for Phragmites (“noooooooooo not another invasive species!!”)

Well, some invasive plants have powerful medicinal properties, but like them or not, invasives are here to stay and they cover every square mile of the entire planet (we humans had a small part to play in that over the past few centuries) so you better just accept it, and find a creative and hopefully eco savvy way of using them, which is exactly what this person has done.

This person uses the stems of Phragmites (reeds) as a place for native bees to deposit their eggs. Enjoy the lost art of working with your hands and giving something back to the earth as you do. Check it out:
Phragmites bundles for native bees

As the documentary The Need To Grow says: “If you pick a fight with nature, you are going to lose.”

So “preach the gospel to every creature;” (what can I say, I’m from Utah.) Instead of fighting with nature (always a losing battle, do the right thing for the earth in your own creative way and you’ll find that it feels fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffreaking good.

Utah swear words on me.

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