Snow. Melt. Blow.

From a zoology class, I learned about the air quality here that some of the problem has to do with features of topography and Utah’s location. A lot of pollution blows in on us from across the ocean and parks right above us in the form of continuous haze. Good to hear; I mean shoot, it’s not like Utahns drive that much more than neighboring states to have this level of polluted air. Still, this means that Utahns have to be extra mindful and diligent about the little things (such as not idling your car), which do add up.

Think About it for the Month…
These are photos of yesterday’s early morning storm. Photo 1 was in the morning with snow. Photo 2 was in the afternoon after the snow had all melted.

That was a nice little storm yesterday and much needed. Even if it was only a couple inches, we’ll take it. There I was out walking the dog where we met another walker with dog; the two had fun playing in the snow. Just after our spontaneous, mini dog park, there it was, the smell and sound of roaring snowblowers. The storm just cleared out a week’s worth of polluted air but multiple snowblowers could be heard quickly repolluting the air that was finally cleaned, all for 2″ of snow. The sun was out; the snow will soon be melted… The irony of it all…;

o’ America, how long??

Trying to race the sun, when the snow was to be gone naturally in 59 minutes and counting seems funny.

Notice the difference in these photos of hazy, as opposed to clean air:

The little things do add up to positive change. Many hands make light work. If everyone does a little bit, Utah’s air quality will improve. Don’t wait for the government to begin making changes. You could be waiting for a very long time. After all, it was the 1990’s when you walked into a restaurant and were asked “smoking, or non-smoking?” Will there ever be a surgeon general warning label placed on cars, lawnmowers, snowblowers? Ha ha.

I really like my electric mower, and it doesn’t contribute to the air pollution. That is a topic for another time.

Thinking ahead here: if incentives were introduced, I would be among the first to voluntarily have my car converted to electric, solar or biodiesel, or to trade in my current vehicle (which gets good gas mileage as it is) for one of these. I would gladly do anything I could do to help reduce the pollution, and I would do so while nearly jumping for joy.

We all breathe Utah air; we enjoyed one day (actually a half day) of clean air after the storm. Notice that it is now hazy again…

I’d like to see Utah air a little more breathable. Are You Loving the Snow?
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