January Rain

Hi there fellow locals of Utah, how do you like this January rain with melted snow?

The water is good, no complaints there, but this warmth and rain is not normal. Instead, there should be snow on the ground by late November; it should continue to accumulate over the next several weeks to over a foot, and it should not start melting until mid-Februrary. We should see a white blanket covering outside from November to March…

These were the winters I personally recall from my childhood. I’m sure you have recollection of this also.

Further, February should be a month with many gray, cloudy days, which is how a normal Utah winter should be. However, lately the month of February has been quite sunny even if cold; it is not normal. Instead it’s not quite spring, not quite winter, which throws off our biological clocks because our being starts to feel that it’s nearly spring. It’s the groundhog thing; February is still winter.

You can’t tell me that the winters in your life have not changed. Shoot, only fragments of the state had a white Christmas; yet it snowed only a couple weeks before!

Considering other perspectives and learning new things is healthy and good. Here is a documentary with David Attenborough; ever since I was a kid I have been watching his animal and nature shows. It is inspiring to see him still filming in his mid-nineties.

The changes in the past few decades are clear as a bell.

The film explains thoroughly and gives tips that the average person can do to help improve this situation we are faced with; it affects everyone. This is about us; not just the environment and nature. Even if we start only right here where we are, you and I both breathe Utah air, which, sadly and embarrassingly is hazy more often than it is clear. There are small steps that can be taken to help clean up the air that you and I breathe, which in turn helps the environment too. It’s a win-win.

Please watch and enjoy the well done documentary via Netflix or otherwise: Breaking Boundaries



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