Update on the Peasant Life…

Ye update from thee olde homesteade:

Last year was rewarding. It was fun experimenting with collected rain water, natural pest control and reaping the harvest after the big planting!

While walking the dog the other day I happened to recognize the bus driver who let my dog and I inside once during a near emergency. I needed to go to the campus late on a holiday weekend to make sure I had locked the room where I did some work. As soon as I got off the bus, I realized it was closed for the weekend. What was I thinking?! It was already locked anyhow, so my dog and I had a long wait for the next and last bus that evening. It was this particular driver. He knows me from my dog, and I know him from his enthusiasm for my dog. Seeing him recently sparked that fond memory and that experience we share, the kindness he extended to us that day. As we waved, this same enthusiasm showed and he gave me a thumbs up as we passed. Fun stuff.

Attended more masses this past year like any striving peasant should. I enjoyed getting reacquainted with old friends, catching up, chatting some, and being with solid people. I may have to wait now though, mass now starts at noon, (not a good time for mass to start.) For people with kids, or who help with elderly parents whose well-being depends on a regular routine, this is extra hard. Nevermind lunch hour ‘n all. Sounds like utilitarianism to me. What’s up with humans and their isms? Even veganism gets caught up in it. Homo sapiens love to make a system out of it-all of it. It is not wise to disregard the little things as though they don’t matter or influence the outcome. They absolutely matter; they do add up. On one hand you say that mass attendance is too low, but then you change the time to noon, right during lunch for most folks. As it is, people are generally imbalanced and overwhelmed due to all the do’s tacked onto them (by any given) faith. Still, religion does have a place, a role to play in the world. It must be understood, however that individuals must be allowed to grow through, progress and process life events on their own time and in their own way. This may vary tremendously per individual and it may mean skipping mass for a season. This is okay. It must be respected, and realized that this is normal for today’s diverse world.

We had a few multi-class (some nobility was included) get togethers. They were a lot of fun! The answer is yes, of course classes can mix and it adds to the overall spice of the recipe. Sparkling apple juice always hits the spot! We meet with music, entertainment, laughs and usually with a dog or two in the mix.

During those cold winter days and nights I so thoroughly enjoy sipping my tea from herbs that I grew myself during the season, reflecting and going within. I love not having to go out, or driving anywhere on those cold winter nights. I only drive 2-3 days per week as it is (by choice). I can do it at this time, so I’m glad to; it is my way of reducing my footprint. For the things I need to drive for, I wait until I’m out the next time. I prefer my walks-sun, snow, or moonlight.

Well, that is the upate from thee olde homesteade. I wish you could taste my herbal tea; 🙂 not too shabby if ya don’t mind my sayin’.

Stay warm until next time,


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