All In a Word

The word is called gentrification. I invite you to look it up. You will see exactly what is happening here. This is a photo of that old, historic church I mentioned; notice the wrecking crane. I called it in 2020. I wrote about this in my second memoir; I mentioned that it’s only a matter of time until that iconic building is torn down. I may have called it, but honestly, it happened even faster than I thought it would.

Being a young country, America doesn’t have a long history anyway, but we can’t build one because icons of history are constantly being torn down for the next shallow addition to the ever sprawling metropolis. You used to say “God’s green earth.” But it is actually God’s gray earth because it is all being covered in asphalt and parking lots. I’m no gambler, but I will bet money that this historic building (one of the oldest in the area) will be replaced by more medical buildings, so more disease mongering. After all, everybody knows there aren’t enough city-sized medical plazas.

This is a major change with multiple ripple effects. By that old church was an open field where your kids could go play. In the paved area there was room to ride bikes, skateboards and scooters. If you are local to the area, you probably have your own childhood memories on and around these very grounds. Kids today get blamed for spending too much time inside playing video games, etc., Yet, I’ve said it before; the alternatives are all being taken away. It’s not like your kids will be allowed to play in the parking lot of the new medical plaza. Security would be on them in a flash telling them to leave and play elsewhere. Elsewhere. “There’s a park on the south side of the city; go there.”

America has become a materialistic nation full of shallow, and conflicted interests. We like to refer to our constitution “we the people” yet, what does that even mean anymore? And what exactly is left for “we the people?” You already know the answer. The remaining leftovers (that word makes my skin crawl; trickle down economics is a yucky term by itself-medieval) can go away at a developer’s word.
Now you are seeing why I have written about this complex maze of issues of individual, societal and global health for years and I’m opting out of some of this hogwash that we are spoonfed on a daily basis. There is too much of it to not add insult to injury.

Well anyway, I hope you will study the meaning of the word gentrification, be willing to take a look around and truly see. It is yet another thing that we aren’t told about American capitalism, (which needs a leash like other countries have wisely put into place) that you will be obsolete by the time you are 40. It is my sincere hope that “we the people” can stop the denial and pull them together in time to make real change, the kind that lasts.

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