Religious Health Guidelines from the 1800’s


It was exciting to find some interesting insight on! Local talent shines again, and it was under my nose all this time.

To my readers who are local, this will sound familiar. Living in Utah, being well acquainted with LDS culture, beliefs and particularly, the Word of Wisdom, it was exciting to see some people who have done some “zooming in on the details” here that was long over due on this religious health code from the 1830’s. The Word of Wisdom talks about animals, the environment and human health.

Sometimes these guidelines are called the “forgotten verses.” I have read this book and loved it; very insightful the health of humans, the planet and compassion for animals.

Some things really are best understood after some zooming in on the details. These are perfect examples. Since the author has done this very well, I will let Dr. Birch explain it from vegsource:

Additional writings from Jane Birch:


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