A Respectful Request


Consider with me the term, spiritual health from one of my reader’s entries in the spiritual ecosystem page on my other blog. Always remember the spirit, mind, body connection. It is part of spiritual health to be well-rounded and well versed in spirituality. It is healthy to look closely at a variety of different paths. Notice the differences between each, but do so from a standpoint of noticing where true concepts-born of the source-blend together.

Quite regularly, I visit meetings of a variety of traditions of both east and west. I simply have to say (with all due respect and peace to the world,) that hearing folks testify of evil just as much as they do of light is ridiculous. Drives me nuts! Makes me bat-guano-loopy, loop-scape batty-fertilizer like, (take your pick.) To go to a meeting that is supposed to be about community, hope, joy and optimism, and then, actually hear a lot of fear-based, devil talk is absurd.

Please remember that just as light and darkness do not mix, neither do fear and faith mix.

I submit that it is time to let the fearful stuff go and focus on light, life and love. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Consider this: Religion=community. Spirituality=soul food-feasting for the individual. Both have a place. Both are needed. Both help to maintain balance, promote peace, and reduce harm. Both have a role to play throughout different life circumstances and stages. Please respect the individual need here.

But also realize that is not necessary to constantly remind of fear and evil. Be compassionate and patient as people start to learn and understand this.

Thank you for reading.Peace, hominy, hummus and humus


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