A Quick Follow Up About the Asian Market Post

These are some examples of gems that I have discovered at the Asian market from that post:In Your Neighborhood, or Not?

They are good brands that I have found and really like of curry powder with a small ingredients list, and sweet potato noodles. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of pure carbs,(see, it’s not a swear word after all), vitamins and minerals, and while these are in a more processed form, they are still good for you and fun to try. They are tasty, inexpensive and add a very unique texture to any cuisine. They hold moisture and lock in the flavor of ginger and sesame seeds like nothing else.

I love the curry brand because it has a small ingredient list of things that I can pronounce and I know what they are, with no MSG added. Plus the bottle is made of glass, which is more eco-certainly beats plastic. Now check that out!

Enjoy, and happy Friday (vendredi hereux). I wish I could write it in all 6,000 + languages of the beautifully diverse earth, but no such luck yet.

To your good health,


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