Info about Almonds and Plant Milk

You gotta love bumblebees-cold tolerant as all get out!
I found this article about almond milk and bee safety:Foodrevolutionnetwork

If you haven’t already subscribed to the Food Revolution Network with John and Ocean Robbins, I highly recommend that you do. It is loaded with information about sustainable food choices, nutrition, and tips for conscious choices backed by research for daily living.

As far as the almond milk, anything that helps the bees is a good thing. Those poor hymenopteran girls need all the help they can get. If you don’t already know, we humans are toast without bees and other pollinators. It is a big deal and it matters. Food matters.

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh man! One more thing that I can’t eat, or that has to be organic!” I understand and share your frustration completely. Currently, organic is more expensive too, and not everything should have to be organic. You see the reason for this. Health shouldn’t be so expensive and it should not be so much work. All these add up to just the point. The clean and sustainable practices should not cost the earth. It is bass ackwards; it is ineffective and unacceptable that the food supply is being adulterated, the standard is sinking, and unsustaianble practices still slide to increase volume and profits. This just needs to be accepted and changed to right-side up universally.

Too much of a good thing in a giant industry can become ruined. This is exactly why I have been saying for a while now, “lots of littles” instead of a few giants that dominate the market. This is hard to do with the current structure and monopoly, but we can unite together and demand results. Do you like healthy food, pure water and clean air? So do I. See, we aren’t that different after all.

Yes, it is definitely a time to raise the bar. I have seen it too many times to believe otherwise. When an industry or a corporation begins to grow it is hard to continue the beginning quality without cutting corners. The cut corners usually are such that the environment pays the price, and since we all live downstream from each other and breathe, drink, and eat what is sown, this returns to us. We’ve seen it time and time again, and this is exactly why voting with your wallet, demanding clean, safe, healthy food that is not full of contaminants, GMO’s etc is an excellent choice. It takes many people being well informed, making demands and voting with their wallets.

Is it a royal pain in the $$* in the mean time? Yes. But until things are right side up again we gotta keep workin’ it; with enough people insisting on reasonable and rational practices and pure, clean food (and water and air), change will happen.

So yes, I am going to do some trial and study on this myself and switch to other plant milks (Oat milk is sounding pretty cool right now) for a bit. Almonds and almond milk is of course great, and it is a great alternative to dairy; it’s just that the bees and other pollinators need to be a top priority, especially in the food industry.

I have written all about this and other issues and give examples in my recent memoir:
The Irony of the Well

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