The Post University Fast

Something I was toying around with a bit seemed to choose now instead of later. I had been telling myself that after university, I wanted to do what I call a lifestyle fast.

University life is very hectic; it keeps you hopping, frothing, edging on your seat, laughing, crying, minioning at the mercy of your ability to follow instructions and retain information on little sleep, and high stress. It is very fast paced and high strung. I had driven so much during that time that I knew I wanted to take a “fast,” not only from driving but from that extreme mode that was taxing not only for my health but for the environment.

My time at university as stressful and hectic as it was, was very much worth it. I love learning, and an education is a great privilege, one that I hope that all people have the opportunity to enroll in education about life. It doesn’t have to be “to get a job” but to expand your mind and for more ideas to play with.

The past month or so I have arranged my life so that I only drive twice a week. This is my fast. Winter is a good time to do it, and I am really enjoying it. I walk the dog, read a lot, have caught up on some writing, work with my hands, keep in contact with friends and family and observe the birds, weather and even the occasional insect (at least until last week) that I still see flying around! Amazing creatures. It was an apropos time to do this, and I am glad to do it. It feels great. It helps to counterbalance somewhat that heavy-on-the-earth feeling that I had while so fast and driving so much during my time at university. It is a consciously different pace, which I discuss in the second book, Life Is Conscious, Live with Purpose, Abandon Fear, Coexist.

If you can, I recommend trying a lifestyle fast also and see what you find!
Do you have your eco flask? Every time I drink water I feel good in knowing that this is a one time purchase, and I don’t contribute plastic to the landfills, or worse, our oceans, parks, forests, lakes or streams.
Next time you’re out and about, you may want to pick up an eco flask. It’s a great feeling.

Remember that these blog posts are crackers and celery sticks. The banquet is found in the books.

Have a great weekend,

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