Pardon mademoiselle, can I get some more C A R B S with that please?

Hey Everyone,

These are some edamame and chickpea noodles that are fun to try. They are organic and non GMO, and I was really impressed with the flavor and the texture of the edamame noodles! I had not tried them before, and personally, I prefer chewy noodles, (so these were perfect) but you can cook these longer if you like a softer texture. They are excellent with briefly steamed green onions and sesame seeds, (which, remember are a good source of calcium, as Dr. Fuhrman’s website shows).

Have you heard the joke that illustrates just how out of hand the carb phobia has become? “You can now hold up a grocery store with the word carb.” Yeah, it’s way out of hand and is an example of industry promoted misinformation. If you say CARB 5 times you ain’t goin’ to heaven.

“What are carbs again?”
“I don’t know; but I know they’re bad.”

While highly processed carbs may increase the chances of weight gain for some; CARBS with little to no processing such as beans, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, (starches) are the correct diet for humans and are excellent for you. It is what you are designed to eat.

These noodles have a unique flavor and texture unlike anything else. They’re great after that sweaty workout for replacing C A R B/glycogen storage. (Don’t forget to replace the electrolytes too).

Here’s a lean, green C A R B machine right here-have been for more than 10 years now, and I’ve maintained the same weight and muscle mass. I think for the next post, I’ll show a photo of me in my speedo flexing my upper body musculature while holding a carton of oat milk and rice cakes.

Okay, let’s not and say I did. Anyway, be sure to try some of these noodles! And have some C A R B S (heaven will still find you) for both your and health and mine.

C A R B S. That’s what I said.

“I’m sensing your sarcasm.”
“Good, I sure hope so, because I’m laying it on pretty thick.” -David Spade, Tommy Boy

For a closer look at the details of the C A R B issue that is both amusing and informative, be sure to check out the documentary Gamechangers about bad a** plant-based athletes.

For more informative rantings that are also amusing as well as historical about this and other related topics be sure to check out my new memoir:The Irony of the Well
Remember that these blog posts are appetizers. The banquet is found in the books

Thank you for reading, learning and being open,


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