The Gap


As mentioned in two former posts, I returned to finish the degree that I started a long time ago before that big life detour. The gap in years was substantial and leaves one with more questions for every answer given. Now having my degree it is interesting to look and see the changes that took place within that gap of time.

I was glad to see a large institution such as a university doing their part and taking steps toward environmental responsibility. Weber State University has set a goal to be carbon neutral by 2050. My zoology friend and bird-guru told me that they are even way ahead of schedule! While I haven’t heard, I would bet that environmental responsibility is now likely the standard for universities and if so that is great! This blog is about telling it from experience; I have attended no other universities to compare with, so here are a few that stood out to me during my last few years there: Some of you may recall from the memoir, The-Wellness-Diaries many years ago the significance of the experience while on the shuttle bus. Well, there are now several small shuttles. I was impressed to see that these now run on natural gas and that the full size bus is now electric! This helps to reduce Utah’s air pollution problem, and is at least a small step toward correcting the big problem of climate change.

In my estimation, about 98% of assignments are submitted electronically saving trees and paper. Trees help to filter the air, provide habitat for wildlife, including many species of bird and helps to prevent topsoil erosion. Never forget that taking environmental responsibility has benefits for humanity also including cleaner water and air to breathe when you’re cycling, walking with your children, the dog or jogging. You don’t have to be a hippie or ‘granola type’ to do your part and benefit from improved stewardship.

For the few assignments that still used paper, I found this sustainable paper made from hemp: Sustainable Hemp Paper. I have some! It has a nice look and feel. There are different textures and different types. Maybe the average person doesn’t put in this much energy to buying paper, but I was glad to find some, so I am glad to share it with you! As you know, living lightly on the earth as much as is feasible on this current part of my journey brings me joy. I submit that you will find joy in doing what you can there also. Remember that it’s a journey not a destination, but do enjoy it.

During various university travels (man I’m going to miss that free bus/train pass to pretty much anywhere in the state!) I bumped into a few of you on bad air days and you asked about my pollution mask. Here is the link for those:
Order pollution masks

I got this bumper sticker from a block party from a booth of the sustainability department of my university.

Finally, I was very impressed to be introduced to a brand new idea on campus: (Drum roll)… A Monarch butterfly (important pollinator) habitat on campus! Monarch/pollinator education and conservation. Don’t make the common mistake of thinking that these environmental issues are not important or that they don’t apply to or affect us because they absolutley do.

After you’re cycling, walking the dog or jogging session why not have clean air, pure water, a yard free of carcinogens and naturally grown food? You, your children, and your dogs like clean air, food and water, so it is my hope that we will each do what we can.

Thank you again Weber State for the inspiration and some tasty helpings of hope. Well done, well done.


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