Remember the Bees this September

How are the bees in your yard?

I have found that native bees love sunflowers. Native bees (tiny, not honeybees) also swarm around a legume plant that sprouted on its own. It seems related to alfalfa, but I’m unsure of the exact species. It is a nice plant, fragrant; the bees are all over it-especially the native bees. If you see one of these legume-family volunteers in your yard you may want to keep it for the bees.

It attracts hundreds of native bees! I learned from an entomology class at university something interesting about honeybees, that they are not native to the U.S. it is known that they are in trouble, but native bees, which are much smaller, may hold the keys to helping pollinators thrive. They a l l need all the help they can get.
Bees also love lavender and salvia.

I love helping them to thrive in my yard where they swarm their preferred plants in a non-toxic sanctuary; it is so rewarding.

Have fun, and this month of September and always, remember the bees. They are essential; we depend on them.


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