Awake/awakening can mean many things. Spirit, mind, body; take care of oneself but also consider other beings, and possess a willingness to sometimes help them, while aiming to do no harm and live lightly on the created earth as a creature of creation. That covers a great deal of territory.

Perhaps at least one way to explain awakening is being aware of all the many ways one can go wrong. Merely getting out of bed each day and going out into the world where at every turn are more misalignments, and that trying to avoid them is like trying to dodge rain drops.

There is a constant conflict. It is human nature to want to be at peace, confident, to feel better, to be happy. Yet, on the pessimistic side one recalls that everyone has their own favorite sin anyway, and why get out of bed in the first place if you’re going to return home soaking wet at the end of the day?

Dodging rain drops…

Awakening is knowledge of how far one has come in his or her journey. This brings self-efficacy; yet, with that growth one is painfully aware of the daily misalignments. More growth means broader ground, an increase in what one has to coordinate. Yet, a realization of this widening scope is a sure sign of an open heart, mind and lens with which one views the world, the vast universe. This is essential to growth of spirit, mind, body, so one is already on the right path. Yet it seems contradictory that this builds confidence and is humbling at the same time.

Ever expanding, growing, broadening one’s horizons, exploring and further considering; it is part of having a purpose, of being alive inside.

It is a journey.

I discuss this in further detail in my most recent memoir: Irony of the Well

Thank you for reading, journeying and being willing to look even closer, reconsider everything, looking from all angles, and stepping forward. Belief is ultimately a choice.

Be willing to get wet; wetter than you were before.

“Begin somewhere”. (Staples, O. 2013).
And again…

Staples, O. The Wellness Diaries


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