“Respect is What Again?”

Exactly. It sort of left us, having been waning since the digital age. Few would argue that it is lacking today. It needs some help to make a full recovery.

Respect is a hard one to define and pinpoint. I would say it is a combination of admiration, reliability, credibility and trust, with a reluctance to habitually question that person’s knowledge, ability and what they say. Respect is a balance of understanding, compassion, honesty, and the knowledge that that person can hold his/her own against your onslaught of opinions (every human is full of those) and where you don’t share their views/values. Yet, neither party is threatened or fearful of differences; there is understanding; both are at peace. This is a respectful relationship. This makes it more closely related to fear; yet it is not fear entirely. That is why I use the word “reluctance.” You respect that person’s values because you know it is part of who they are, even if you don’t share those same values, you see where they are consistent and make it work. Yet, you can see that they are also confident enough in their own that you would be reluctant to try to change them to your way and line of thinking. That’s how I see it at least.

Respect is a timeless trait that can return again with mindfulness, right thought and right view (Buddhist terms).

Further, respect may look different according to personality type, and what one values. It has been my experience that the higher path can only be taken so many times before it is misperceived (particularly by red personalities) as weakness.

Respect earns respect. It is a two way street.

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