Don’t say the H (hippie) Word

I briefly mentioned this in my book Life Is Conscious.

It is curious, some people and their preconceived notions. Long hair is becoming more accepted, just like tattoos and many piercings, even gauges. I’ve noticed that sometimes people still get the wrong idea about me from my hair. The distorted perception of the word needs to go away; since this is unlikely to happen anytime soon, it can be acknowledged that the word itself no longer works as a label. It conjures up an unhealthy (and inaccurate) perception. I have learned that people generally dislike hippies, or at least the stereotype. There are exceptions and some people seem actually refreshed by the “hippie” in the room. Maybe they can count on someone actually being peaceful and loving. How about it, the world needs more of that. But the word no longer does justice to the pure intent that most certainly does exist. What is a hippie anyway? Any definition is too broad and with almost no way to illustrate it in a positive, or accurate light. This is why the word just needs to be kept in the past. That was then and this is now, thankfully. Much has changed since the 60’s, thankfully.

Still, the h word can’t be mentioned without the topic of drugs. So let’s discuss that here for a moment. This is one area that I will meet Conservatives (at least moderates) half way. Among conservatives, there is a strong stance regarding combatting collective laziness. This is one valid concern, including about the overuse of illicit drugs, Marijuana included. With my long hair, I have been inaccurately stereotyped as a user on many occasions. It’s interesting that I get asked about smoking pot: “Hey man, you got a light, or do you smoke pot, by chance” or, the most recent” are you 420 friendly by chance?”? It’s interesting to note that not one of these men who asked me, had long hair. It’s getting old, annoying, even obnoxious. Still, let’s put things into perspective. It’s Marijuana, not cocaine or heroin, (not to be confused with fear-heroin, of which we get plenty from the mainstream media). Now there is a drug that should be made illegal.

There is a compassionate/social problems side of this issue and I know that for a lot of people who are addicted, substance is an attempt to self medicate. However, let’s face it, if, even 4 out of 10 people in any given U.S city began smoking pot regulary, this would be a valid concern. Amotivational syndrome, delayed reaction time (while driving for example, which is likely to affect others) not to mention the lung damage affecting the individual are concerns to consider that would lead to other problems. At least we acknowledge that there is a gray zone and the one-size-fits-all approach typically used doesn’t work here, as it simply does not in so many instances. Being labeled as anti-anything is inaccurate, problematic speech that is a symptom of the persistent all or nothing, black and white thinking, (a decline in mental health) not to mention, the label of anti {anything} can ruin another, so “anti” needs to go away also.

Still, h word, go away.

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