Recommended Documentary~Social Dilemma

Here is a Netflix documentary that gives multiple reasons for reducing the use of gadgets/make-you-lonely technologies and anti-social media. Addiction and loneliness are the two that stand out today, but there are multiple reasons “getting clean”. Loneliness has been steadily increasing since the early 2000s while internet usage was skyrocketing. Then came the onset of internet on phones, followed by social media. Then, the March 2020 coV mess hit, and loneliness hit rock bottom. It can be argued that loneliness was the more severe pandemic. I highly recommend the film as part of informing yourself.

I will share one thing that stood out to me. One person poses the question “do you check your phone before or during your morning pee? Those are the only options.”

Is that for real??? Um, the answer is obvious, but I guess it isn’t for most people. The answer is long after; over an hour later actually. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Apparently I’m one of the few. See this is what I’m talking about. I am free. I am on the outside of this nonsense. I would say I’m “on the outside looking in”, but that isn’t accurate either because I don’t care to look inside. I have too much to do in living my life. You will discover the same thing about yourself as you begin to awaken and reclaim your health/life.

“And you know they never really owned you, you just carried them around ya, and one day you put ’em down and found your hands were free. -Ani DiFranco, Garden of Simple.

Life as real life. You can set yourself free also. May you start with watching the documentary and accepting that too much gadgetry is a problem. There are tips and steps provided at the end of the film.

Here are a few that I do:

* Deleted my Facebook a long time ago. In fact, I tried it for only a short time.
* Don’t have a smartphone; a flip phone instead and I take it with me only occasionally.
* Use Proton email, secure and private.
* Unplug regularly

Enjoy the film! It’s a good one, well done.
Take charge; say no to at least a few things, take back your health and your real life. Be your own creature!

The coach has spoken it. Again.

“Don’t make me come snatch a doughnut outcha mouth.” -LL Cool J

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