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Hi Everyone,

Many of you know I’m all about non-profits, small business and companies that do good things, and the ones that are concscious enough to think about more than just their own profits.

Must be a good time to clear my throat… AaAAAGH!

Supporting small business (buy local) is an excellent step toward being a conscious citizen.
Merely the nature of small business means having a lighter carbon footprint, while encouraging culture, flexibility, creativity and authenticity over steep profits.

Many of you may remember my sister Lora, who had the “Red Desert Violin Online Lessons” booth at the Ecomarket.
She is a finalist in a small business contest to win $20K, which will fund her efforts to bring violin lessons to an orphanage in Guatemala, and other places in need.
She believes music can enrich the lives of these people who have so very little, and it will be a sustainable gift that will keep enriching these children for the rest of their lives!
You can vote for Red Desert Violin here: Vote. Small business, big impact

Voting takes 10 seconds.
Click on the link.
Scroll down to Red Desert Violin with the video.
Click the checkmark below Red Desert Violin.
You can vote once per day until mid-February.
Thank you for caring and taking the time to vote for this worthy cause.

Gallery-Find Lora braving the cold at Ecomarket

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