Adults Need Play Too-Video Link


It was refreshing to hear Dr. Pam Popper say in a video what I’ve been saying for a long time. I just knew there was something to it! Adults need play too. Dr. Popper makes an excellent point. Recreational pursuits or programs that are supposed to encourage play such as children’s sports become another way to get worked up, even for parents! Since they are taken so seriously, don’t these add up to another form of work?

Here is the link: Adults need play too-video

Being too rigid is not only exhausting but is not conducive to physical, mental or spiritual well-being, and people that try too hard to one up on you, or to perfectly follow prescribed norms are tiring to be around.

So have fun and “lighten up eh? Do they really say eh in Canada? Is it ‘eh,’ or ‘ay’?”

Play like…



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