Graduation Anthem

Hi Everyone,

Here is a short post to inform you that I have graduated from Weber State University! My degree is in Health Promotion with a minor in Zoology. This was indeed an exciting day! If you have read my memoir, The Wellness Diairies you will know that this is a big deal. As mentioned in the book, I took university classes here and there while trying to recover from illness, but never finished-until now. This was the college culture I was never able to experience until now. It was very much an adventure even if I finished later than most do in their early 20’s. As they say, it is never too late.

Thank you Weber State and to all those who have offered me support in many ways throughout the last few years during what was the most hectic time of my life taking 12-18 credits at a time.

Concerning the well-being of people and planet, I am proud to have graduated from a university that is striving to be carbon neutral by 2050. That is indeed a massive undertaking, but universities have the funds to do it. There are many good things happening such as natural gas vehicles including shuttle buses, local premium bus passes for students and recycling containers everywhere to name a few. This was a boost of hope that I needed to see that large organizations can and do make environmentally responsible decisions.

Thanks for reading. Cheers from here,


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