Wow, the Sun!!

Woo-hoo! It is such a nice day here outside! Love it!! I hope you will go out and enjoy the sunlight wherever you are. Remember that not only is sunshine excellent for you, as natural and we are natural beings, but it is free…

haha can’t you see it now: “Chunks of sunlight, $89.99 each. We bring the light right inside your home! Prices on shipping may vary. Please let us pick the individual pieces to be shipped to your door.”

Yes, were it possible, I could see some corporation doing just that. But this is entirely impossible; yep, no fool’s gold there. And being April Fool’s day, I thought it would be fun to give the facts as to just how impossible this is and the reasons why:

1. “Chunks of sunshine for sale” could only be derived from something solid. The sun is not a solid. It is comprised of 75% hydrogen and 25% helium.

2. The earth is 93 million miles away from the sun. This may be hard to believe on a July day when it is so hot, and it seems like it is within a stone’s toss.

3. Nothing we have could get much closer to the sun. At the center, the sun burns at 29 million degrees F.

All life on earth, whether directly or indirectly is, because of the sun and the energy it produces. All foods and fuels are derived ultimately from plants using the energy of sunlight. So wherever you are, I hope you will go outside and enjoy the life giving sunshine. Feel the freedom. Feel that it is free. Feel it giving life because you can, and that’s no foolin’ .
What did you find? You love the dog that followed you, the grass, the bees. The realization is that there is no need to hate; because what will be will be; we be, and we love. Just like the dog, the grass, the bees. That is what they do within what they bee…

Happy Friday and have a good weekend, the favorite snack-salsa, corn chips-organic like.


Thank you for reading.


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