Think About it for the Month…

When you feel yourself getting lost in the sauce at this time of year, you can remember that it is winter, and there is wisdom in considering allottment in terms of 3 forms of currency: time, energy and money. The ethics, status and justification of the latter is debatable, but we’ll use it for this post today. Everything under the sun takes one or all of these three for humans. While society may continue to teach you to just keep going and it will all work out if you just take your 74th pill or energy drink, you can remember that that energy must come from somewhere, and this time of year is at a time when less is being produced (unless you live along the equator). You can choose to step back, let go, reconsider, ground, center, breathe, take your time, be realistic, and to prioritize and plan.

Spending energy when it is not there is not wise, but foolish.

Time, energy, money. If you are a human that can read these words. These are your forms of currency.

Enjoy your rest.
And “as long as you love me so, let is snow, since it’s the most wonderful time of the year.”


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