Common Ground? How about the One We Stand On

Common Ground


We are in a time when people are going every different direction. There is no common interest, no common ground as there has been for centuries? The solution is actually quite simple. The common ground/ interest is the one we stand on. It is our planet.

While there may be a variety of differing opinions from everything to politics, religion, spirituality, to family and careers, it is essential that the need for the basics is seen as our common ground. The basics all come from the earth. “Back to Basics.” The ever popular adage.

All have the right to eat nutritious food, have a place to call home and have a fair and meaningful livelihood. In short, all have the right to have their own “enough”. This is a simple way of understanding the basics in a time that is not so basic. If all are to have their enough, it is time to adopt the practices that ensure enough, and put our support into methods that are sustainable.

Do what you can as you can. Everyone can eat less meat. Everyone can look at ways to save water, drive less, conserve energy, etc.

My book Life Is Conscious discusses this thoroughly.

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