It’s Just Like Those Norsemen

partaaay 005

partaaay 010

partaaay 008
Old friends reunite

“Alright gentlemen, we have reached a decision and here’s the deal. Noise and shenanigans are reserved for the friggs on Fridee. The Thing on Thursdee to remember is that those Valhalla assemblies take place by a clear field so that we can keep an eye on you. There is to be no throwing rocks at the lamps, or the caravans that sweep the street, no human look-alikes in the intersections; keep the canines quiet, no archery in the backyard, and no construction barricades in the field, flashing ones or not. You comply with these rules carefully, and you may have your party.”

“Oh, we’re on it Howard.”

It’s an inside joke. Don’t mind us. 🙂 Keep up the good times.


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