Holiday Plant-Based Burgers-Excellent

Are you sick of hearing about C A R B S yet???

Too bad.

Here is an excellent source of C A R B S that tastes fantastic! Veggie burgers have been called vegetarian junk food, and while that may be true if eaten as daily fare, they are great for the holidays and other social events. I say these Beyond Burger brand veggie patties are essential for those plant-baser/C A R B eaters at your holiday social gatherings. As veggie or gardenburgers go, I have considered them a rare treat, but these are actually tempting to keep on hand as a weekly splurge or something (probably a slight exaggeration). Anyway they’re good! Most people who still eat the Standard American Diet like how they taste and it is actually hard to tell the difference.

At any rate be sure to try some and happy ALL holidays!


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