Health Education Roles


My role as a health educator is not to keep you locked in to spending a lot of time or money at the health food store or the gym. Instead, it is to provide guidelines and help you to sort through the clutter and steer clear of the bogus health claims, of which there are plenty so that you can get on with your life and your pursuit of happiness.

I am insisting that it is much easier to be happy when you are healthy. However, I want health and happiness to be n a t u r a l for you and me both. Enjoying one’s journey, being healthy and happy should be affordable in both time and money. The healthful choice (and the eco choice for that matter) should not be outrageously expensive. We have on our side a wave of great people who are facilitating this. Helping people to see and overcome the barriers to their health-individual, community and societal is an essential part of this process. Among these are Dr. Pam Popper of Wellness Forum Health, Dr. McDougall, Dr.Fuhrman, Dr. Neal Barnard etc.

You can go to the health food store for brands you trust that are pure and uncontaminated (the organic, non-GMO brands, etc). But not everything you buy will need to come from here, and you will be able to know the difference, and make decisions yourself. This is why health education applies to everyone and should be an ongoing part of everybody’s learning. You can enjoy the gym too, but you won’t have to live there, and you will learn about balance.

This vegan pumpkin pie free of dairy & GMO’s is a specialty item for a treat and holidays that you will probably only find at the health food store. Tell me about it! It took me many days to track this one down and locate it, so I stocked up when I had the chance!

Enjoy the season,

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